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This World Music Day Enhance Your Audio Experience with Vibez Best Bone Conduction Headphones

There’s nothing like the sound of your favorite song ringing in your ears, your emotions know no bound especially when the music gets to you and you can’t help but move and groove to the beat. We, at Govision know what it’s like getting lost in the magical land of music where you can languish in a memory of times gone. That is why we created the best bone conduction headphones—also known as Vibez–to give you experiences of a lifetime. Vibez sets the tone to your musical expressions and is a good ear-buddy when you need one. We understand that some of your favorite songs can make a horrible day suddenly seem like it’s not so bad. So today, in light of World Music Day, we want to celebrate with you, music in all its forms and glory—and the role of our bone conduction headphones in its positive impact on the world.

With Vibez’s headphones, you can use music to lift your spirits even when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. And we are glad to be a part of that soul-soothing activity that most likely is your go-to savor! We understand that the audio space has been going through a change, both in the USA and the rest of the world. While the future of audio is most certainly wireless, experts are already looking at newer horizons. And what better day than World Music Day to talk about our new horizon the bone conduction headphone

Enjoy World Music Day with the best bone conduction headphones

We don’t know how your previous celebrations of this day were, but we at Govision have set the benchmark to how you can celebrate World Music Day this year. All you need to do is put on a pair of our  bone conduction headphones, hit play on an upbeat tune and dance like nobody is watching —while still being aware of your surroundings.

Another way to celebrate World Music Day is to spend the day listening to all the classics, and if you’re feeling adventurous start exploring YouTube for music from different genres. You can explore all kinds of music be it Finnish and Hungarian, Italian or Mongolian, and then start digging into folk music. Then turn the volume up and do what you do best to celebrate your emotions as the music travels through your body.

How bone conduction headphones provide music to your ears

Is it possible to blast loud music, yet stay aware of your environment? The answer is yes! You can move to the sound of Lady Gaga and still be aware of the car honking behind you. This is called staying in touch with the outside world while getting lost in a musical world of your own. It is possible with our bone conduction headphones; in case you’re wondering. Bone-conduction technology means delivering rich sounds through your cheekbones, bypassing the eardrum, and leaving it open to the world around you. This is basically a new and comfortable way to soundtrack your life while still being present in it. Vibez is the best Bone Conduction Headphone and it is one of its kind. As specified earlier it is designed to keep you aware of the surroundings even while you are listening to music. It is a smart alternative to earphones that are noise-canceling otherwise.

The perks of owning bone conduction headphones :

Bone conduction technology:

This technology goes way back to the 18th century and was discovered by Ludwig van Beethoven. An ardent music lover and composer who was almost deaf. Our bone conduction headphone is designed to act as the eardrum by decoding sound waves and converting it into vibrations that are fed directly into the cochlea. The technology enables music to travel through your cheekbones. Thus, leaving your eardrums free and open to receive sound waves from other sources within their environment. The headphones are easy and comfortable to wear.

Open Ear Design:

Tired of wires that tangle and break? Our open-ear design is proven to give comfort and situational awareness to current scenarios—something that you always longed for while using normal headphones. We have scientifically designed a light weighted frame that wraps around you like a headband with enhanced flexibility, durability, and portability.

Sound Quality:

With music clarity, voice, and uncompromised bass levels, our wireless bone conduction Headphone provides high-quality sound and better experience of an open ear design. Say goodbye to muffled noises and embrace the experience of smooth uninterrupted listening.

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity:

Are you searching for Bluetooth 5.0 headphones, but are having a hard time locating a pair that you’re happy with? Look no further. We created one of the most advanced headphones of today. Vibez leverages the Bluetooth 5.0 to enable simple and faster wireless pairing with your Bluetooth enabled devices like Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, Mac, PC, etc. It has the connection range up to 100 feet with this easy-going headphone. There’s so much to celebrate this World Music Day and an advanced headphone with a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is one of the many reasons.

Noise-Canceling Microphones:

Our microphone that’ comes with the bone conduction headphone is an active noise control solution that filters all unwanted sound. On the drive and you need to pick up a call? Now you can without the hassle of background noise intruding your phone conversation. Our awesome easy-going bone conduction headphone has been teamed with an equivalently awesome microphone to cancel all the surrounding noise thus, enhancing speech.

Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones:

Nothing like a sweat-proof pair of bone conduction headphones. With an IPX4 rating, our bone conduction headphone is fully sweat and waterproof which you can leverage during heavy workouts and at extreme weather conditions. But in case you’re planning on river-rafting or swimming, it’s best to leave the headphones in a safe spot them as it is not recommended to use during those instances.

Long battery life:

With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, all you need this World Music Day is uninterrupted listening to all your favorite songs. Vibez bone conduction headphones answer that prayer by providing up to 5.5 hours of continuous music and calls on a single charge.

Multi-functional command button:

Our bone conduction headphone has a one-button control-all feature. The onboard controls are play/pause/skip music, answer/end call, a caller on hold/end, reject a call, voice dial, and all these functionalities are performed by push of one button.

Ok, Google and Hey Siri prompt:

Everybody enjoys an occasional ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘Alexa’ prompt. Voice prompts guide you through power, pair, play, and talk. .Our bone conduction headphone is equipped to respond to these voice prompts very promptly. All you need to do is, ‘Hey Siri can you play Only the Young by Taylor Swift?’ and then sit back the pop diva’s melody.


Music is a remarkable creative outlet that has many health benefits. When you listen to a particular song it can bring back a happy memory or instantly refill your energy. Some studies suggest music has several positive effects on your health and mental wellbeing. It can enhance your performance of exercise while also comforting you. So, if you are looking for a mood-boosting activity this World Music Day and after and you want all your troubles to rush away from your mind instantly? Our bone conduction headphones will enhance your experience of celebrating the wonders of music? Next time you’re in a bit of a funk, crank up your favorite song with our bone conduction headphones, close your curtains, and just dance! Because World Music Day needs to be celebrated far and wide without a doubt every day

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