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Wifi Connection

  • Apple or IOS Products: First download the iStarCam App from the App Store onto your mobile device.
  • Android Devices download the iStarCam from the Google Play Store onto your mobile devide
  • Turn on your mobile devices Wifi Network
  • Power on the Director and Press the DOWN arrow button to turn on the WIFI Connection. The prompt “WIFI ON” will be displayed on the screen.
  • Next, the SSID, Password an WIFI device connection ID’s will display on the screen.
  • Find the correct SSID WIFI signal on your mobile device and connect to this network.
  • The network will ask for the password listed on the Director screen. Default (1234567890).
  • Once password is entered, the Director and mobile device will be connected.
  • After Wifi connection has been established, open the iStarCam  App to begin recording and sending your devices and photos wirelessly.
  • iStarCam will remotely control the Director when connected via WIFI.
  • Your mobile device services as a remote control and will provide the following functions
  • Live Video Previewing

  • Record Video

  • Take Pictures

  • Download your favorite video and photos wirelessly and share then with your friends, family and on Social Media.

  • Only one mobile device at a time is able to connect with the Director’s wifi network.


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