This Recording glasses with Bluetooth Speakers is Treat for The Eyes and Ears

Recording events in secret is a very satisfying experience in itself. The big question is ‘how is that possible’? While you’re contemplating that, we’ll break it down for you– recording glasses! They are good spy gears and are used the world over to record top-secret events that are otherwise inaccessible to the public eye. These are essentially glasses with inbuilt cameras. Top-secret events or not, our video recording sunglasses not only give you the satisfaction of accessing a spy gear but also recording events from your point-of-view—handsfree. Now, capturing candid moments requires little to no effort at all.

Our GoVision SOL Video Recording Sunglasses allow you to live and relive moments by capturing memories from your point of view. What you see is what you get! And if camcorders and smartphones don’t support that vision, here is your chance to switch to a better alternative. Additionally, if you have no interest in buying expensive head or body mounts for special cameras our camera sunglasses rest on your face and allow you to capture brilliant HD videos and photos with one click of a button.

What it looks like

The GoVision SOL  recording glasses with Bluetooth speakers have a medium rectangular frame. A sporty contour wrapped finish that makes these recording sunglasses an ultimate go-to design for the sports enthusiasts. It has a video lens centered between the right and left frame that records and captures photos and videos.

While the pair of video-recording sunglasses not only have hands-free communicator but it is also used for, taking pictures, making phone calls, or listening to music that makes your life much simpler with a pinch style. Be it thrilling adventures that give you an adrenaline rush; or even a birthday party, you can now capture priceless moments with your new polarized shades that are available in  two colors–matte camo and black.

The package deal

Great things come in small packages. Our package includes an eight-pin port USB Cable, an eight GB micro SD card, cleaning cloth, user manual, a one-year warranty card, a product case, and our SOL  recording glasses; obviously! These construct our SOL package and every element has an important role to aid your hassle-free shooting.

SOL Video Recording Sunglasses are your best pick

With that big a package deal, we know that you’ll have additional questions on what to consider when shopping for a pair of video-recording sunglasses. So, we are going to break down some of the aspects of our camera sunglasses 

 Audio, video and image quality

Our SOL  recording glasses are engineered in a manner to ensure that the integrated camera is powerful and delivers the best audio, video, and image quality from a distance. If these are not possible then it ceases to be a good video recording gear. There should be no compromises made with regard to these aspects. That is why our glasses are equipped with a 5M MP CMOS lens that captures 15MP still photos and record videos in 1080p HD because we know that a blurred video or photo is just as good as useless.

As for the audio, we understand that crisp clarity cannot be over-emphasized. Our built-in microphone records rich audio that complements your HD video. We know that it is pointless to record poor sound qualities because it may fail to meet the purpose for which the recording was done.

Memory size

Good camera sunglasses should have sufficient storage. You don’t want to miss recording important scenes because of insufficient space. Believe us when we say ‘we know how it feels’. Fortunately for you, our SOL model provides storage support with an eight GB micro SD card that comes with the package. Lights; camera; shoot and keep shooting. 

User-friendly options

When we designed our SOL recording glasses, we wanted our product to not pose challenges while it was being used. We wanted you to experience recording your favorite events at ease. We wanted a hassle-free experience for beginners and pros alike. Now, one push of a button is all it takes.

With a 63-degree angle-of-view camera lens visualizes everything in front of you. It had flexible arm grips that help to fit most head sizes. It is comfortable and hands-free, lightweight, durable, and you can use them just like any other regular sunglasses. Except better! It has smart Bluetooth 4.0 features that enable hands-free calling, two-way talk when paired with your smartphone, we have built-in 0.5W speakers on each side that can stream your favorite music while on-the-go or working out. Is the current song you’re listening too low on volume? No problem! You can control your music with on-board volume buttons as well. Never miss another key moment with the GoVision HD Video Bluetooth sunglasses.

An added advantage is the smart assistant technology when paired with your phone allows you to talk directly into the glasses to speak and use technologies from Apple, Google, or Android (“Ok, Google or Siri”). Apart from that answering calls and making calls just leveled up with these video-recording sunglasses. With so many aspects to look into how do these sunglasses manage to function? The built-in high capacity Lithium-Poly battery 480mAh allows the glasses to function three hours straight.

It is always important to consider the warranty of a product when you make purchases. If you are too worried about reasonable warranty coverage issues, rest assured that unprecedented malfunctions and repairs will be taken care of for a period of one. Our GoVision one-year warranty card which comes with the package guarantees that. With comfort and being a primary advantage, you can now record videos hands-free without having to worry about carrying or babysitting bulky camcorders. Just stylish video recording without a hassle. 

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