Hd 4k action camera

This HD Action Camera That Focuses on You and Your Adventures

Have you ever thought about shooting the world from your perspective? In-camera terms of course! While jumping from the highest peak into an ocean filled with corals or while surfing along the waves? We at GoVison have designed the Director HD action camera for this very purpose. This camera is one of a kind with a built-in Fish Eye Lens technology—that easily enhances the little details that you tend to miss out during your adventures. Our action camera intensifies the color in your videos thereby making it more appealing to the eye by striking the right balance between saturation and contrast.

Our HD action camera can be worn by you, as you glide down a snowy cliff or even while you help your children ride their bike. You get to choose what you want to shoot and our 4k camera is available to help you create visual memories that last long. This action camera captures videos on sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, adventure sports like biking, skiing, personal daily-routines like cycling, running, painting–with finesse. It is a carry-along device that can go just about anywhere with you. It even fits right in your pocket. But there’s more to our camera than just capturing memories. Keep scrolling to read more.

Why HD Action Camera?

hd action camera
4k Action Camera

The Fish Eyes Lens technology on our Director 4K action camera enables the generation of high-quality videos. Being labeled as an HD action video camera, it captures views at 4K HD resolution which is four times better than a regular pixel resolution. The HD action video camera has good navigation and adjustment control due to the inbuilt easy camera slide control.

 UHD wide-angle

With a wide-angle lens that is ultra-high-definition, our HD action camera has a 170-degree wide viewing angle. The camera is able to cover a bigger and larger area within a photo or video frame.  Our wide-angle lens exhibits more depth-of-field at a given aperture than any regular telephoto lens. Our 4K action camera captures videos that allow a 2.0′ wide LCD screen project HD videos with utmost relaxation. This in turn goes easy on your eyes with zero strain. A treat for your eyes indeed! Agreed?                 

 Time Lapse and Slow Motion

Our incredible high-resolution 4K action camera is equipped with the ability to capture videos on time-lapse and slow-motion. This enables you to experiment with new ways and techniques of shooting videos to explore your experiences. The time-lapse option built-in our camera allows you to capture key memories and bring them to life in a short-form video.

 Burst Mode

Burst mode is a fairly interesting feature attributed to our 4K action camera. It allows you to click over ten pictures in one second. With this feature, we have raised the bar over the shutter speed benchmark.  The super speed with super quality pictures, what more do you need?


Considering the fact that extreme sportsmen will require our camera while in action, our 4K action and sports camera is designed to be water-resistant to 30 meters underwater. This allows you to visualize and relive breathtaking moments underwater or even while surfing. Clicking pictures underwater at 16MP is now made easy and you can relish every moment now and later.


This 4K ultra HD camera with Wi-Fi is also built to withstand rugged and bumpy situations, it is designed to resist dirt, sand, snow, mud, pets, and kids. Yes, we design to meet your desires.

 What more?

Our Director 4K action camera is made available in two colors—i.e., black and white and both the colors look stunning and bold. Our action camera is portable and light and can be carried along and leveraged at multiple occasions varying from birthday parties to sporting events. It also has a 2.0 liquid crystal display to prevent eye discomfort while viewing your work. You can share your visuals online or with other devices using the USB cable—which comes with the package. The Director 4K is compatible with the multiple operating systems varying from Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 to a Mac OS. You can use this feature to help the world know about this amazing camera and portray your work in interesting ways.

 The videos that are recorded are stored on the device with the help of a micro storage device (SD)card for which a slot is provided in the camera. The battery capacity stands at 1050 mAH and which enables our 4k action camera to function 70 minutes nonstop. And moreover, it takes up to only three hours to charge. It is even equipped with a single shot self-timer that ranges from a two-second wait to a twenty-second wait amidst continuous captures.

 With diverse attributes made available to you through our Director 4K action camera, we at GoVision aim to hone your photography and videography skills in interesting and creative ways. With a competitive price of just USD 249.95─ the above-mentioned details and specifications add up to a really good deal that we at GoVision are happy to give you. Despite being easy to use and handle with 4K quality and a rugged tough design, it is a good choice of investment to make memories that last a lifetime, don’t you think? 

 You can capture and record sceneries as no other camera can. All you need to do is mount the camera on your head, car, pet, and in many other objects and capture the best video even in a most challenging situation. But why this camera when you have a smartphone? Smartphones are brilliant for everyday footage but are too delicate for the outdoors. If you’ve been looking for the best action camera to take epic videos of you and your friends snowboarding or mountain biking, then you are in luck. We have the best for you. What are you waiting for?

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