Fathers Day 2019

This Father’s Day, Cart Him a 4K Action Camera-Tell Him How Much You Love Him!

Now, that the Father’s Day mood is on, you all must be busy thinking about what to gift him. A Book, A wallet, a bag, a denim Jacket, his favourite watch, Or a 4K Action Camera.

Nurturing families come in many forms. As a father, a single father, a grandfather or even by both parents. And believe me, it’s not that easy! One day is not enough to honor how special a father he truly is. Because he is amazing every day of the year. So, we should consider each day as Father’s Day.

Every special day has its own charm and beauty. Celebrating Father’s Day on every 3rd Sunday of June every year also gives a feeling of summer anticipation- a cool summer breeze. A lady in the United States, just introduced this idea to honor her father. A Civil War veteran, who raised six children all alone. He sacrificed his whole life in framing their lives.

As we grow up, we often get busy with our own lives. Probably, be education, our friends and parties or become more career conscious or job-oriented. We often forget to spend time with our dad. The man who spends his whole life in shaping up our lives right from our birth.


He is our Dad.

He has an understanding heart who protects us and works for us day and night. Also, supports us right from the start with no expectations in return. Seems like a father’s love is no lesser than mothers.

Who is a Father to us?

A father means so much. He is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society. His life starts by fulfilling our wishes and ends up in buying us every little happiness.

Hats off!! We are proud of you!!

What a father teaches, is the same he wants us to be. So, don’t you think, we should be responsible enough to take pride in celebrating such a day?

This Father’s Day let’s see how well you know your fathers!!!

Things to look at before carting anything for him

Is He a shopaholic?

A Gadget Freak?

Or Music Lover?

Buy Him a 4K Action Camera.

Does he keep himself upgraded with the new products? Especially the new launches in the market? Well, by now you must have got to know what drives him crazy when he is frustrated or happy in life. If not, then we would suggest you do a bit of research about what your fathers love the most.

All he expects from us is to spend some time with him. Give him some time from our busy schedule. Just as the same, they do when we need them the most.

So, what if, for a day, you keep aside all your work, stay at home, spend some time with him, and take him out for dinner?

And when it’s all done, finally surprise him with a brand-new 4K Action Camera.

Believe me, nothing would be better than ending the day by gifting him 4K Action Camera. Who knows, perhaps he would have been longing for 4K Action Camera for so long! 

[ux_image id=”7924″ link=”https://govisionusa.com/product/4k-action-video-camera-recorder/”]

With this amazing 4K Action Camera, I am sure his excitement will know no bounds. Hence will enjoy his holiday wherever he goes.

This 4K Action Camera comes up with a water-resistant backup and has HD quality Video camera recorder. As a result,  he can record everything while in motion or under water. It has the capability of shooting 4k high-quality footage at a wide viewing angle capturing crisp photos. Almost the same way the human eye works.

 Coming to Clarity with 4K Action Camera!

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This action camera shoots vivid 16 MP photos.

Why 4K Action Camera?

The screen of this 4K Action Camera would also help your dad to preview and playback videos and photos. Furthermore, it also has an inbuilt time lapse mode which can be set between 0.5 to 60 seconds. He can even carry it with him anywhere he wants, without carrying any extra luggage.

Click on to the below link to know more about 4K Action Camera and buy him one for his special day.

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Salute to all Dads, who takes the pain and sacrifices in life to build our future. Let’s make them proud and take pride in what we do for our dads this day. This Father’s Day make them feel, “We really care for you dad and we exist because of you”.

So, what is your Father’s Day plan? Leave us a comment below and tell us the special bond you share with your dad. Also, try posting some exciting pictures clicked by your dad with 4K Action Camera and let us know about his experience with this new gadget.


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