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Things To Consider When Choosing Video Glasses

Video Glasses are a trend now. With multiple shapes and sizes, sunglasses are breaking the record of their purchases. People consider it to be a part of their accessory but more than a style statement, sunglasses help in protecting your eyes.   

Ultraviolet rays are harmful, we all know that! But do you know that the eye’s lens and cornea can be affected by cataract and cancer only because of the direct exposure of the eyes to the UV rays?   

Knowing the horrible aftermaths of not using sunglass, it is very important that we start protecting our eyes. Not every sunglass that you wear can protect your eyes in fact, there are certain criteria that need to be looked upon while choosing one.   

Sunglasses are of different types however, the ones which are taking over the world with a storm are the camera sunglasses or the HD video glasses. It is a technical up-gradation to the regular sunglasses and yes, there exist facts while choosing a camera sunglass, too.   

Let’s unfold the information which can help us in buying a better pair of Video Glasses  

UV Protection   

Sunglasses need to have this mandatory quality to protect your eyes from the UVA and UVB rays. UVB is known to be more harmful to the skin and eyes however, doctors suggest protecting yourself against both the types of rays. The lenses are supposed to block UV wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.   

UV protected camera sunglasses should be protected against scratches as it can let in UV rays. And anybody using the Video glasses with scratches can partially be affected. Therefore, it is always better to use scratch-free and 100 percent proper sunglasses and camera sunglasses.  

Video Glasses


Larger frames cover a greater area thus, protect your eyes from the UV rays entering from the sides. These lenses with wider areas are called wraparound lenses.   

While choosing Video glasses, irrespective of the technical feature, prefer wraparound lenses. We understand that you might be busy capturing moments with the recording sunglasses, but if you do not get proper coverage then the camera sunglass is not much of use when it comes to protecting your eyes.   

Video Glasses


It is a very common perception that darker lenses are better when compared to the lighter ones. It is completely a myth! UV protective coating is clear and transparent and has got nothing to do with the shades. Even in the lighter shades, a UV protection coat exists.   

The color of the lens is chosen with respect to the specific activity that we perform. For example, tints are chosen as per playing a sport, driving, hiking, etc. Gray tinted lens reduces overall brightness without color distortion, the amber lens works best in conditions with lower light settings and enhances depth perception.   

The preference of shade tint is mostly related to the color of the eyes. Blue-eyed people who have a higher sensitivity to light lean towards gray-tinted glasses as they block out visible light. Brown-eyed people lean towards brown lenses so that they don’t have to take their glasses on and off frequently.   

The color of the shades of your Video glasses is also important. These criteria are not only limited to normal sunglass.   

Video Glasses


Video glasses with no UV protection can damage your eyes. The dark lenses with UV protection block visible light. Whereas, lenses without UV protection, dilates the pupil. Polarized sunglasses provide the greatest UV protection blocking out all UV rays.   

If you frequently travel or take part in sports, then polarized lenses are the best fit for your eyes. These lenses can reduce light reflection on surfaces like snow, road, and water.   

Lens quality  

The camera lens also needs to be perfect like the lens of the sunglass. The camera lens will have an influence on the look of your picture. You must consider choosing lenses that can shoot better pictures.   


When buying a camera sunglass, the most important factor to consider is the resolution. You must always look for sunglasses with higher resolution and pixel density. Try buying a camera sunglass with HD resolution, that is, 1920 x 1080p. And it should have a minimum of 8MP camera.   


The native exposure index of a camera sunglass is very important. A camera sunglass is unlike a DSLR but, it is very important to check out if the product can shoot a night picture at the correct time. The speed of the lens should be good in order to capture images at the right moment.   


A camera sunglass is supposed to be small and lightweight. These sunglasses are capable of capturing images and videos however, they cannot be compared with any DSLR cameras. The size of such sunglasses which are worn first and are then used to click pictures, need to be lightweight and durable.   

The sunglasses cannot be spread on half of the face with multiple functionalities hanging or wrapped around.   


Since the camera sunglasses are small enough, they need to provide you with ease while capturing. The camera sunglasses are unlike a DSLR camera and cannot be built with multiple operations. Therefore, you must always prefer a camera with fewer buttons and more functionalities.   

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I hope you purchase a great HD video recording sunglass in the future!  

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