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Enjoy HD video Recording Sunglasses with “ROYALE”-This Father’s Day

Now that Mother’s Day is all over, let me guess the gifts you might have purchased for your mom. Perhaps a pair of camera glasses HD Video Recording sunglasses? No? Well, No worries!! Father’s Day is around the corner and still, you have one more chance to gift him one!! But do you think there should be any special dates saved in the calendar to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? No, there can never be such dates for either of them, as both of them equally shape our lives and cater to our wishes and needs from the time we are born.

For every special day, there lies a back story. Back in 1909, it is said that Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington first celebrated Father’s Day. As her father was a civil war veteran and a single parent. He raised his 6 children all alone. Since then, we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of June of every year as “Father’s Day. The Day to honor men for their priceless contribution towards family, his children, and his wife.

Well, we always say “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. But do we realize that “those successful men” are also raised by a father too? Culture has changed now. Many dads raise their children all by themselves. Equally takes care of their children when mothers are away from home. Be it a weekend party or trips with friends, dad’s money always works like our magical wand. From fulfilling our every “needs” to “I want” he is beside us every time buying us “those” happiness in every way.

To all those dads’ responsible sons and daughters, aren’t you excited to do something special for the first Superhero of your life? Perhaps many of you are yet to think about any such Father’s Day Gift Ideas? How about gifting him a pair of camera sunglasses?


There are so many things to gift them. Perhaps a wallet, shoes, book or HD VIDEO recording sunglasses!!

Confused about what to gift him on this Father’s Day??

Take a pause!!

Think Before You Gift

Time has come to do a bit of research about Father’s Day Gift Ideas. Think about what makes him go crazy even when he is loaded with responsibilities.

What do you think would be in your dad’s to-do list? Dad has always taught us that opportunity and responsibility go hand in hand. So, don’t you think it’s the right time to make him feel special? Do something that would make him forget his worries in life.

There can be many Father’s Day gift ideas you can google through. But then the most important thing is, you know your dad the most. So, what if he is crazy about Trekking or Travelling?? Or if he is a good photographer?

Well, you never know!!

So, the best gifting ideas, you can have this Father’s Day. Gift him a ROYALE – an HD Video Recording Sunglasses today by GoVisionUSA .Give him a thrilling experience with this HD Video Recording Sunglasses which I am sure he has never experienced before.

All About Video Recording sunglasses

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It’s the first “water-resistant and dustproof” HD video camera sunglasses in the market today. It’s protective against UV rays. This sunglass comes up in the sleekest, lightweight and unisex design. It gives your dad a trendy yet classy look. These will have adjustable nose pieces to customize according to his comfort zone. He can expose these glasses to water conditions up to 3ft for 1 min.

Besides being water-resistant; the HD Video Recording Sunglasses can record the moments in and on the water while fishing, sailing, diving, or any fun family get together in the pool.

Besides giving him the protection from UV rays of the sun, HD Video Recording Sunglasses would be useful for him. This video camera sunglasses would neither be a part of his extra luggage nor would he need anyone to record it for him.


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Features of Camera glasses

Our ROYALE has an inbuilt HD 1080p water-resistant camera and video recording at 30fps with the 8MP camera in it. No matter wherever he goes, he can record his every move and action at the same time with this HD video Recording Sunglasses.

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All he needs is to wear those pair of video camera sunglasses, switch on the button and keep recording. You can bring it to your home. Gift your dad a hustle-free holiday with HD Video camera glasses, capturing all those unforgettable and adventurous moments. Sounds interesting? Go get them and see how your dad enjoys his trip.



Why HD Video Recording Sunglasses Are Awesome!

Thinking about the Budget? Oh! No worries, as these video camera glasses comes up with a price that is pocket-friendly and equally fits your budget.

Click onto the link below to know more about video camera sunglasses and its features

Do you agree that a father’s role in a child’s life is as important as a mother’s? Do you have a good relationship with your dad?

Would love to hear from you about your plans, this Father’s Day. Because every little happiness matters. Leave a comment below and share with us some pictures and experiences of ROYALE you buy for your dad this Father’s Day.

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