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Setting Date and Time on Windows


Note: Setting the time and date stamp on your device is easy. The time and date will be revised for video and photo in next recording. To change the time and date you must create a text document

    1. Plug in the USB Cord to the Go Vision Glasses and to the computer
    2. Left click Start
    3. Left click My Computer or Computer
    4. The glasses will be recognize as Removable Disk Drive

(If it does not automatically pop up – Try to plug out and plug in the USB cable from the computer and on the Go Vision

glasses and make sure the USB drive is properly inserted into the USB slot)

    1. Double left click on Removable Disk Drive and it will bring up the DCIM folder but do not open it
    2. Anywhere on the screen, right click and left click on New and a box will appear and left click on Text Document
    3. You should now have the DCIM folder and New Text Document folder and rename the folder TIME
    4. Double left click on the TIME document and it should open up a
    5. Type in the current space once hour:minute:seconds

For example: 2015.01.15 12:10:15

  1. The time is set in military time
  2. Go to File and Save