GoVision® | Apollo – Water Resistant Camera Sunglasses

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  • Water Proof
  • 15MP Camera
  • 1440×1080 video @ 30fps
  • 8GB built-in memory

Product Description

The GoVision Apollo is the first Water Resistant Camera Sunglasses on the market today. Apollo’s sleek design makes the glasses extremely lightweight, form-fitting, and comfortable to wear. Customize your fit with our adjustable nose pieces to optimize your everyday comfort. Start capturing your world in stunning 1080p HD Video with the touch of a button.

Govision Apollo Water Resistant Camera Sunglasses

The Apollo Water Resistant Camera Sunglasses are designed with sophistication, simplicity, and convenience—stylishly designed to free your hands and your mind, giving you unrivalled video quality with incredible ease. See the following features below:

  • Water Resistant and Dust proof
  • 1080P HD Video Resolution
  • Interchange Polarized/UV 400 lense
  • 8GB Internal Micro SD (TF Card)
  • 480mAh Hig-capacity lithium polymer
  • Glasses can be exposed to short submerging. Water conditions up to 3ft for 1min

A Simple Yet Refined And Stylish Way To Capture Life’S Greatest Moments

With Apollo, you have chosen a pair of recording sunglasses that contain some of the most advanced technology features yet built into eyewear.

The Apollo Waterproof Video Recording HD Sunglasses 1080p from GoVision let you capture your adventures from your own point of view. By placing a Full HD 1080p HD camera between the polarized lenses of the sunglasses, you are able to record hands-free video, ideal for any on-the-move activities. In addition to this high-quality resolution, this gizmo is waterproof, making you able to record your moments in and on water: fishing, sailing, diving, or any fun family get-together in the pool.

Technical Specs

  • Media playing software: Window Media Player or Mainstream audio and video media playing software. KM Player recommend
  • Picture Format: JPEG
  • Picture Pixels: 1440 x 1080
  • Operating Systems: Windows 10 and Mac OS 10 or higher
  • Interface type: USB 5 pin Port
  • Storage support: Internal Micro-SD (TF Card) 8GB
  • Battery type: 480mAh high-capacity lithium polymer
  • Battery charge time: Approximately 2 hours by standard computer


Key Features: GoVision Apollo | Water Resistant 1080P Video Recording Sunglasses

  • Hands-Free Water-resistant Professional 1080P (1480x1080p) HD Video Recording Fashion Sunglasses at 30fps and 15MP Still Camera with Image Stabilization.
  • Hands-Free HD recording sunglasses are not only weather and impact-resistant, but they are also lightweight and they fit most head sizes
  • 1080P Super HD (1480 x 1080p) video recording @ 30fps
  • With the touch of one button, instantly start recording video and sound in HD. The light indicator on the inside of the glasses will blink indicating active recording mode.
  • GOVISION Warranty: Govision products and accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase
  • Built-in microphone to produce rich and quality audio to perfectly match your HD video. 

IP66 Level Dust and Waterproof Resistant Camera Sunglasses are protected against the effects of temporary water immersion up to 3 feet for a duration time of 1 minute.

Govision SOL is one of the best Spy Sunglasses even though we call them HD Video Recording Fashion Sunglasses

Inside the Box:

  • Warranty Card
  • USB Cable 5 Pin Port
  • 8GB Internal memory
  • Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Manual
  • Case
  • HD Video Recording Sunglasses

Additional information

Video Format


Video Encoding


Video Resolution


Media playing software

Any mainstream audio and video media playing software

Picture Pixels

15 MP

Operating Systems

MAC OS, Windows

Interface type

USB 5 pin Port

Storage support

Internal Micro-SD (TF Card) 8GB

Battery type

480mAh high-capacity lithium polymer

Battery charge time

Approximately 2 hours by standard computer


Glasses are protected against the effects of temporary water immersion up to 3 feet for a duration time of 1 minute

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21 reviews for GoVision® | Apollo – Water Resistant Camera Sunglasses

  1. Sharlyn27

    Great Video

    I love these glasses! These glasses take excellent quality photos and videos and are super easy to use! The sound on the videos are unbelievable. I used these glasses to record my daughter’s graduation and I could hear every word! They make capturing any moment so convienient and protect my eyes from the sun at the same time!

    Happy with the fit and look and was satisfied.

    Was able to take great videos on my vacation and was also able to take some good videos of my kids while swimming.


    Very clear video, worked great on my trip to the Philippine Islands.

  3. samuel jackson

    I WOULD apreciarete a call back regarding my glases a pair of APOLLO,s i hav yet to get any video frm my recordings & i doubt my operation of said glasses.

  4. Rima Audy

    Hi Samuel,
    Please call costumer service @ 617-379-0023 we can help you further.
    Thank you

  5. cvalcour

    i love these glasses I use them when riding my motorcycle. I use them to record family members. and go to Walmart and film the walmarsions.

  6. Anonymous

    Best video sunglasses on the market! Very clear and great audio

  7. Anonymous

    its great product for this cost !!!

  8. Jammy

    The glass is awesome – on time delivery – im planned to carry this device for my next vacation .

  9. Sharon Davis

    The product is cool and it is even water-resistant. I hoped for a lengthier USB wire.

  10. Amy Brown

    Nice product and great value for many. Video recording is amazing with good picture quality. Could be sturdier.

  11. Robert Miller

    Great video recording outdoors and I used it for recording an outdoor wedding. The video came out really nice. Thumbs up to GoVision.

  12. Melinda Rogers

    I have used it with ease to record my surfing on the waves. It is water resistant and gave me some stunning videos. Thanks to GoVision.

  13. Thomas Anderson

    Many colored frames to choose from. Wanted some more funky frames for special occasions.

  14. Richard Robinson

    I am a swimmer and an athlete. I usually use these sunglasses to enjoy and record my swim. I expected something more on the water resistance part.

  15. Paul Hill

    I usually use it for recording my forest trails and to take photos of birds. I wanted the sunglass to be more handy for some quick shots.

  16. Theresa Bailey

    Apollo sunglasses with red color give a funky look for going on aqua adventures. You can make a distinct style statement with these red sunglasses. Being waterproof, you can easily use them to record your surfing, kayaking, canoeing experiences. Thumbs up for GoVision.

  17. Shawn Richardson

    GoVision’s customer support is very competent and they answered every bit of my query about Apollo sunglasses. I got on time delivery. Now I am using these waterproof sunglasses to record my aqua adventures in the sunny beaches of California.

  18. Todd Howard

    Loved these sunglasses. Great to record amazing HD videos along with background audio with a strong mic on these sunglasses. The design is too sleek, it should have been sturdier for rough use.

  19. Marilyn Cox

    It is waterproof and is good for recording in beach vacations. 8GB internal memory is too less for such a build.

  20. Eric MacIntyre

    I’m an avid long distance & mountain biking enthusiast,literally spend every free moment riding. I was hesitant on these glasses cause they seemed almost “Kid Toy Ish” but they’re not. Great pics,great vids & best of all I’m able to directly connect these glasses to my cell-phone with the proper cord & yea its great. There is only one thing I’d change & that would be the thickness of the arms.

  21. johnny depp

    These are the most comfortable glasses I’ve ever had. They fit perfectly, and also have a neck cord, so the glasses can just hang around my neck without fear of falling to the ground. The video quality is excellent, the sound is clear. Very pleased with these glasses.

  22. DougM

    Questions: How long is the run time for a video? Is it limited by battery, or memory size? And how water resisitant? I recently bought very similar looking glasses from Oho. Looks like the same OEM made them. I fell in the water once on a windsurfer and the glasses were ruined.

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