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Govision Lenses For Camera Glasses

These polarized lenses reduce glare on water, pavement, and other reflective surfaces by filtering light coming from different angles. These Nordic blue special lenses make colors and objects appear clearer, so you can see every detail of the open road, golf course, or mountain trail ahead. Check out our collection of polarized lenses for everything you need to know!

Sunlight reflecting off of smooth water, snow or flat roads can create glare which is not only annoying but can often be dangerous. Blinding sun glare can cause accidents, snow blindness and can even sunburn your eyes. Long-term exposure to sun glare has been known to cause cataracts. Thankfully, these polarized lenses can shield you against the dangers of intense glare.

Our polarized sunglasses provide UV protection which is important to maintaining healthy eyesight. Just as we put on sunscreen to protect our skin, it’s critical that we protect our eyes from UV rays too.

Lenses Available For:
PRO HD 1080P, PRO 2 and PRO 3, SOL Bluetooth

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Pro 3, PROS, Royale, SOL

Ideal for

This lens is useful for outdoor leisure, fishing, and skiing. Perfect for glasses with camera or glasses camera like the Pro 3.


These blue lenses are great in sunny, partly cloudy, foggy, and snowy days.

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