Anti Tangle 8-Pin Port USB Cable | GoVision®

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Mini B | Tangle Free USB Cable

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Tangle Free Cable

8-Pin Port Anti Tangle USB Cable

If you are looking for mini B 8-pin port USB cable but the prices are too unreasonable that it turns you off, then this is your have-to-have alternative.  GoVision Anti Tangle USB Cables ensures that your work space will be tangle-free. This means tangles are a thing of the past, and it make data transfer from your GoVision High Definition Recording Sunglasses to your computer easier.

The GoVision Anti Tangle USB Cable is compact and lightweight which lets you carry it anywhere you need with ease and its tangle free design also prevents tangling and enables easy storage. Compatible to most micro USB phones, you will find it easy to connect your favorite device with your computer and on your wall charger.

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