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Reverse Parking Camera

GVDC13 | GoVision®

GVDC13 | GoVision®


Reverse Parking Camera 

GVDC13 | GoVision® Reverse Parking Camera

  • HD Video Recording
  • 4.3″ LCD
  • Supports up to 32GB micro SD card
  • 120° High-resolution wide-angle Camera lens


DESIGN AND FUNCTION of  GVDC13 | GoVision® Reverse Parking Camera


1. Power/IR ON or Off-key:

  • Power on/off: Press and hold the button, turn on the unit , it starts recording automatically . Press and hold it again, the video is saved automatically before it is turned off.
  • IR on/off: Press the button under standby mode , the IR led is changed between on/off/auto.

2. Menu key:

  • Menu: Press “Menu” button under standby mode , enter into a menu option , press the “Up/Down” button to choose menu , press “OK” button to confirm . Press the “Menu” button again until the exit menu.
  • SOS: Press “Menu” button under video mode , the video is locked manually and it won’t be overwritten.

3. Mode key: Press “ Mode” button to change in between standby mode , video mode/photo mode/playback mode.

4. Up key:

  • Up: For “Up” under menu option and playback mode.
  • Front 1CH/ back camera 2CH exchange: The unit shows 2CH while the rear camera is connected . Press “up” button under video mode , front camera/back camera/picture in picture/2CH is switched . Press the “Up” button under photo mode , front camera/back camera is switched.
  • Motion detection on/off: Press and hold it under standby mode , motion detection is on , press it again , motion detection is off.
  • Fast backward: Press the “Up” button for fast rewind while it’s in playback.

5. Down key:

  • Down: For “Down” under menu option and playback mode.
  • Audio on/off: Press “Down” button under video mode , audio is off . Press it again , audio is on.
  • Fast forward: Press the “Down” button for fast forward while it’s playback
  • Parking monitor: Press “Down” button under standby mode, parking monitor on/off is exchanged.

6. OK key

  • Record on/off: Press “OK” button under video mode , it starts recording , press it again , it stops recording.
  • Take photo: Press “OK” button under photo mode , it takes a photo
  • Play video: Press “ OK ” button under playback mode , the video is played.
  • Confirm: Press “OK” button under video mode/photo mode/playback mode , enter into the menu option , press “Up/Down” to choose the menu , and press “OK” button to confirm it .
  • Full screen: Press and hold to switch in between video mode/photo mode/playback mode , full screen / normal screen.

Additional information


HD Video Recording

LCD Screen size


View angle

120 degree

Video Resolution

Front: 1080p or 720p @ 30FPS; Back: VGA 640 ” 480

Image resolution


Video format


Picture format


Store temperature


Operate Temperature


Operate humidity


Memory capacity

Support up to 32GB


DCCV TOO mAh rechargeable battery


Car charger, clip bracket, manual and 1 year warranty

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