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Govision Lenses For Camera Glasses

Doctors everywhere recommend wearing sunglasses all year round to protect your eye health, you may wonder which kind to wear. Govision polarized lenses for HD capture sunglasses offer many advantages over their non-polarized counterparts and should be a serious consideration when making this purchase.

Our Govision polarized lens removes the effects of glare by blocking reflections. This improves eye comfort and allows you to take in the view without squinting. Roadways and water sources are major culprits of glare and can cause danger to drivers who may already struggle with vision issues. Glare can create a very uncomfortable eye health issue for people with sensitive eyes, and even cause a migraine in patients who are prone to developing them.

Without our polarized lenses, the water’s surface simply reflects everything around it. This obscures view into the water almost completely. These polarized lenses block this reflection and enable the wearer to see the contents of the water instead of the sky.  You will see crisply and cleanly, with a level of detail that will astound you.

Lenses Available For:
PRO HD 1080P, PRO 2 and PRO 3


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This lens is useful for outdoor leisure, fishing, and skiing. Perfect for polarized camera or hd vision sunglasses like the Pro 3.


Carribean lenses are great in sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, and snowy days.

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