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Bluetooth Speaker & Earphones

GoVision® | Capsule


GoVision Capsule True Wireless Earbuds and Speaker System

Free your music with this wireless earbud and speaker set. Both pair easily with any Bluetooth 4.0-compatible device to deliver handsfree listening however you like. Use the earbuds for private listening without disturbing others nearby. Or, switch to the speaker and let your loved ones listen in with you. You can even use it as a speakerphone to take calls coming in on your device. And with a 4-hour battery, you can enjoy hours of wireless listening without stopping to recharge.


The bluetooth speaker and earbuds in one
Meets all your listening requirements in one convenient media station
Wireless stereo speaker doubles as a speakerphone for your smartphone
Uses bluetooth 4.0 and EDR dual-connection capability
Wireless bluetooth
No cords to run to the speaker or the earbuds
Gives you the freedom to place the speaker anywhere
Work out, clean your house or go for a run with no earbud cords to yank them out of your ears
On-board earbud charging
Easily charge your earbuds right on the speaker
Continue listening on the speaker while your earbuds recharge
On-board touch controls
Turn the power on and off and control music playback and call handling with a touch of your fingertip
4-hour battery life
Enjoy hours of your favorite music without needing to recharge
LED indicator light flashes red while recharging and displays solid red when charged
Note: Earbuds will not charge while speaker is recharging; once unplugged, the speaker will automatically begin charging the earbuds; Indicator light will turn blue and earbuds light will turn red until fully charged, at which time all lights will turn off
Compatible with your favorite devices
Works with Windows and Macintosh computers and Android and iOS phones and tablets
Easy pairing
Pair in seconds with your favorite devices
Stows and travels compactly
Tuck easily into a purse, briefcase or bag and take it anywhere

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