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Anti Glare | Anti Blue Ray


Product Description

Radiation Protection Glasses 

These single vision lenses with anti-reflective filters reduce the reflection and glare from indoor and outdoor light sources by absorbing the glare and filtering out the harmful blue light emitted by many digital devices and offer UV 400 protection.

Early research suggests that blue-light-blocking lenses can also help sleeping patterns by wearing the lenses in the evening hours while still awake. Blue light is known to impact circadian rhythms by suppressing the natural release of melatonin. Wearing this kind of eye protection glasses material when using digital devices in the evening can help prevent the body’s responses to blue light and encourage better sleep patterns by limiting digital eyestrain. Experience the benefits of wearing our GoVision Blue light blocking glasses and feel the temporary relief from digital eyestrain and other short-term symptoms of vision disorder.


ANTI-BLUE LIGHT – Filters out harmful UV blue light and reducing eye fatigue while working on screen
REDUCING EYE FATIGUE– While working on computers, tablets, phone, televisions or gaming
BETTER SLEEP– DigitEyes can reduce eye strain and headache, so you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep
MULTIPLE FEATURES -Durable frames, Unisex design, 100% UV protection
WARRANTY– All GoVision Products can be registered and given a warranty

What You Get

Govision UV Blue light eye protection glasses
Hard-sided carrying case with light sensitivity glasses
Micro-clean towel with Free Demo Glasses

Blue light Blocking ;

Filters out harmful UV blue light
Also offers UV400 protection
Help absorb specific wavelengths of high-energy blue light

Facts about Blue light and Eye Strain;

Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort felt after two or more hours in front of a digital screen. It is associated with the close- to mid-range distance of digital screens, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, e-readers, and cell phones.
2016 Vision Council Digital Eyestrain Report Findings report that the potential risks associated with digital devices and chronic overexposure to blue light can lead to; increased numbers of glaucoma and retinal degenerative eye diseases


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DigitEyes GV-F1215D1-15ER

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