Dual USB Cable | GoVision®

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  • 2 in 1
  • Lighting Port
  • Anti Tangle
  • Supports Android and IOS

Product Description

Dual USB Cable

If you are looking for trusty Dual USB Cable, Go Vision offers you a trendy and dependable alternative. The brand provides trustworthy items that are easy to coil use making it the best option for the gadgets that you have with you most of the time. The cable has a braided texture so it does not easily slip and loops like traditional cable and it will be totally easy to keep so it will not be tangled with other valuables that you have.

The GoVision Anti-Tangle Dual USB Cable has a Lightning port that allows you to recharge and transfer data from your Apple and Android devices. Having two connectors on one end makes the cable very ideal for those who have both units, most especially for those who want to bring fewer connectors for all of the electronic gadgets. This item can also be used for charging a smartphone or the brand’s glasses on a wall charger, an adapter can be easily slid on the USB part of the cable. It is greatly efficient for those who are always on the go and have phones, tablets, and other devices.

The brand’s cable has a hook and loop strap that makes coiling easier, preventing it from peel and fray. This feature can withstand fast packing and unpacking when the user is in a rush. With its 100cm length, it can be rolled so that it can be organized inside a bag without bothering other necessities. Rolling it will keep it in place, so it will be on one side of the gadget container, even when you are in for a trip or will be placing it in your casual day bag. Each unit has a lightweight and portable design, which lets you bring it anytime and anywhere you need it with ease.

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