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  • Polarized Clear Lenses

    Polarized Clear Lenses | GoVision®


    Govision Lenses For Camera Glasses Polarized clear lenses are lenses without a tint!  It provides 100% UV protection and allows you to express yourself! Worn with, or without prescription, these types of lenses may prove to be fashion statements! These clear lenses are not worn just for correction they can be worn as an accessory as…

  • Polarized Black Lenses

    Polarized Black Lenses | GoVision®


    Govision Lenses For Camera Glasses Govision Polarized Black Lens is specifically designed to block the glare from reflected light. A vertical polarizer blocks the transmission of horizontal light through the lenses, resulting in fewer glares! This allows one to see better and is safer for driving.  It keeps you alert because sunlight can cause drowsiness. Lenses…