Royale Black Govision 16
Royale Black Govision 15
Royale Black Govision

Amazing Colors

Comes with two Lenses Options

Photochromic Lenses
Polarized Clear Lenses

Additional Descriptions

Ultra HD Video Camera Sunglasses Royale | Water Resistant Sunglasses

The Royale design is one of the most recognizable fashion styles in all of the sunglasses. Desired by celebrities, artists, musicians and athletes, the Royale is our first unisex design that will allow men and women to make a statement casually and professionally. The Royale is the only design we can offer customizable Prescription Lenses.


  • Ultra 1920 x 1080p Video @ 30FPS |
  • 8MP still Camera Photos
  • Autofocus and White Balancing Video Stabilization to reduce blurriness and maximize image quality
  • 16GB built memory store unto 80 mins worth of video
  • One-touch operation | Simultaneously Capture Images while Recording Videos.
  • Polarized UV 400 lenses reduce Eye strain and glare from the sun| provides great color and clarity when on the water.
  • Unisex design| IP 22 water resistant lightweight design