how to setup Govision on Wndows

How to Setup Govision Camera Sunglasses on Windows ?

How to Setup

How to Setup Govision on Windows?

Note: After formatting, any file that’s on the SD card will be deleted

  1. Plug in the USB Cord to the Go Vision Glasses and to the computer
  2. Left click Start
  3. Left click My Computer or Computer
  4. The glasses will be recognized as Removable Disk Drive
    • (If it does not automatically pop up – Try to plug out and plug in the USB cable from the computer and on the Go Vision glasses and make sure the USB drive is properly inserted into the USB slot)
  5. Make sure your cursor is over the drive that holds the Go Vision Glasses (ex: Removable Drive E)
  6. Right click on the Removable Disk Drive
  7. Go to Format and left click on it
  8. A box will appear asking to format
  9. (Left click) Choose Quick format
  10. A box will appear asking to delete the info
  11. Left click continue


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