How To make a Folder

How to Make a Folder for Pictures and Videos

How to Make a Folder in Windows

  1. Go to “My Pictures”
  2. Right-click anywhere on the screen and left click New and a box will appear to choose Folder
  3. A folder will appear named “New Folder”
  4. Rename it “Go Vision Files”


  1. Plug in the USB Cord to the Go Vision Glasses and to the computer
  2. Left click on the start button
  3. Left click on “Computer”
  4. Double left click on Removable Disk Drive
  5. It brings up your DCIM Folder
  6. Double left click on the DCIM Folder
  7. Right click on the photo or video you want to move, left click Copy
  8. Go to the Go Vision Folder that you created
  9. Right-click anywhere on the screen, left click Paste
  10. Right Click on the Photo or Video file that has just been copied, a box will appear, left click on Rename and hit backspace and type in any name you want

Example: July 2015

  1. Then click anywhere on the screen to save
  2. And do the same steps on other Pictures and Videos you want to move

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