How to Celebrate the Halloween Day this 2019

October 31st each year, people all over the United States celebrate Halloween. The name “Halloween” comes from “All Hallows Eve,” a traditional holy day for Christians. Children and adults dress up in different costumes and attend parties, visit haunted houses, and eat plenty of Halloween candy. Most kids spend the night “trick-or-treating” or going door-to-door to collect candies from their friendly neighbors 

The Origin of Halloween  

Halloween started as a festival of Samhain which was part of the ancient Celtic religion in Britain and other parts of Europe. According to the Celts, the spirits of the dead could come back to life to harm people and crops in the physical world. Later the Christians changed this day to “All Hallows ‘Eve People usually throw parties and dress like monsters, ghosts, and devils to scare away the harmful spirits. 

 Halloween Day is only popular in the United States. Communities across the country mark the occasion with spirited parades, elaborate costumes, haunted tours, and other rituals.  

 So, are you planning for the upcoming Halloween already? Running out of places to visit or events to catch upDo not worry I have sorted out things for you. Below I have mentioned the top celebrations in the US. I am sure you will enjoy this Halloween 2019 with your family and friends. 


Day of the Dead Festival 

It’s basically a show in Houston that will show you how the spirit or ghost comes back to life again. This show also has the arrangement of delightful fashion with foods of multiple cuisine and craft. 

Louisville Zoo Party 

Kids dress up like monkeys so that real monkeys in Louisville, Kentucky get to see them. Party animals will find hundreds of artistically carved pumpkins, a goofy tea party with the Mad Hatter at this not-so-scary Halloween fete. 

Crescent City Ghost Tour

You can even plan to take your teens on a tour to the darkest corners of New Orleans for gruesome and historic tales from Louisiana’s most famous city focused on ghosts, vampires, and voodoo.  


Village Halloween Parade

Greenwich Village procession In Manhattan, is the perfect place to go out in a scary costume and March. You can also check out artists during the puppet-building workshops leading up to the main event which takes place on Halloween night.  

Gradually things are changing. People have now started to dress like popular celebrities, children’s show characters, princesses, superheroes and much more. After dressing up, kids go from house to house in their neighborhood and ask for treats such as candies and snacks by saying, “Trick or treat!” According to tradition, if no treat is given, children can play a trick on the homeowners.  

 Halloween 2019 might not be the first holiday you associate with gift-giving, but there are plenty of reasons to surprise someone with a little something during this fun time of year. Whether you host a party, or you be the hostess, gifts giving is mandatory on this Halloween day! 

 Are you still thinking about what to gift everyone? Well, there are so many spooky things you have in your list. This Halloween 2019 make sure you gift them something they would never forget.

        Halloween Gift Ideas! 

 Skeleton Initial Bookmark 

Any avid reader or Halloween lover will surely appreciate this skeleton bookmark that’s personalized with their initial. 

Halloween Ribbon Green with Bats

You can use this wired ribbon with bats and simply pill the wire from each side of the ribbon and you’re ready to rock! It is used according to the theme of you costume! 

Mini Ghost Candle 

Who else can just die over these cute little ghost candles? Gift these to your friends and family who loves DIYs and scented candles to light up their rooms. 

Personalized Halloween Cracker Box

You can also fill these little cracker boxes with candy or tiny snacks to give out as party favours. 

Chocolate Skull Lollipop

Nothing would be better than gifting children with fancy chocolate skull lollipops, agree?

 Scented Cauldron Soy Candle 

This stunning cauldron candle has a black linen and amber scent and is filled with real stones and flowers.  


Camera sunglasses 

Royale, Video Camera Sunglasses has a high definition video recording capacity. You can capturall the spooky activities going on at your party.    


The list that i have curated is after a thorough research against the every-year-general-gifts. I hope you like it, too! 

There are dozens of more to try and gift. And if you come across one that’s better to be added in the above list, just comment below!  

 Have an awesome and fun-filled day with a freakishly scary Halloween!  

 Happy Halloween 2019! Happy shopping! 

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