Home Security Recording

Home Security Recording Mode

Home Security Recording Mode | Action Camera Director 4K

  • The Director is ready for Home Security Recording ( Hidden Camera Mode) when the Security Cam icon is displayed in the upper top left corner.
  • Press OK Button to start recording.
  • Press OK Button to stop recording.
  • Director will automatically enter into motion detections status
  • Motion Detection Recording activates when the Director Sensor recognizes movement.
  • The Director will automatically begin record 3 minutes (3 minutes is the default setting and can be changed in the menu options) video clips automatically saving the video footage into memory.
  • If after 3 minutes the Director does not sense movement, video recording will stop and the Director will enter into standby mode.
  • If motion continues after 3 minutes, the Director will continue recording until motion is no longer detected saving the video files in 3 increments.


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