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How Video Camera Sunglasses have revolutionized the explore ethnicity in technology?

Traveling or visiting new places would always give us a great sense of feeling. It is actually a good remedy for anxiety, stress, and depression. It is not only associated with enjoying the beauty of nature, but it is also a new experience of exploring people, diversified cultures, cushions, and style of living. 

Whether you have planned for an international trip, a long-term round or, a weekend picnic you need to prepare a checklist of things to carry to make your trip successful. The travel checklist contains things like pairs of clothes, shoes, makeup and accessories, toiletries, electronics, travel documents, etc. 

camera sunglasses - Royale

Sunglasses is one of the important accessories one should carry while traveling. We often consider the cheapest sunglasses upon arriving on our trip without much consideration.

But have you ever heard about camera sunglasses which records everything that you have seen with your eyes? Feeling amazing right!  Let’s talk about these video camera sunglasses here, and also know the advantages that we get. 

Purpose of Sunglasses: 

In general, one will be exposed to different environments while traveling to new places. Sometimes you may come across extreme brightness, distracting reflections, dry winds, and dust, all these things may cause harm to your eye health. 

Wearing sunglasses can prevent you from all these effects and protects your eye health. We admire each place we visit and feel it with our soul. What if your sunglasses have the capacity to record everything that you see?  Feeling awesome right? It can only be possible with video recording camera sunglasses.

HD video recording sunglasses will give you all kinds of protection for your eyes and allows you to record every minute thing that you come across.                       

How to use Camera Sunglasses?    

Let’s discuss here how to use these unique camera sunglasses. These high-quality HD camera glasses will allow you to take photos and videos from a whole new perspective. 

Below mentioned are the simple steps to follow, to use these popular camera sunglasses.


1) The first thing you need to do is inserting an SD card into the sunglasses and press the power button until the red light appears.

2) To record a video, press the video button presented on the sunglasses. A blue light presented on the sunglasses will indicate that the recording is in the process. Click the same video button to stop recording. 

3) To take photos, press the photo button a single time. A blue LED light will be flashed whenever you capture a picture.    

4) You can also capture the images while recording a video by simply clicking on the photo button. 

5) To view or store the videos or photos you have taken, connect sunglasses to a Windows or Mac with a cable. 

So that’s how we can simply use these advanced camera sunglasses.


Difference between Normal and Camera Sunglasses

There is a huge difference between regular sunglasses and camera sunglasses. Let’s go through each type to make better decisions while buying sunglasses.   

Regular Sunglasses 

The regular sunglasses would protect you from the sunlight, intense light, glare, and from a specific frequency of light. And using sunglasses would also help you in taking care of your eyes from other forms of distractions such as wind, dust, and pollution.  But these glasses can not take pictures or record videos like advanced ones do.  

Camera sunglasses 

Camera sunglasses are the new invention and are added with the features such as video recording and photo capturing. These built-in camera sunglasses will give you more eye protection than a regular one, and allows you to take pictures and record videos with just a simple click. It gives you a clear vision even in different environments.  

The best camera sunglasses comes with features like high-quality resolution for taking pictures and recording videos, water-resistant capacity, storage, high battery life, etc. 

Consider a plastic mount

It is easy to make the mistake of falling in love with plastic too heavy and hope that everything will be fine. This extra weight can lead to headaches that force you to choose between being blinded by the sun or having a headache. So I strongly suggest you choose a pair of lightweight plastic glasses that will ensure your comfort throughout the day. 

Also, if, like me, you’re the type to escape your glasses everywhere, I suggest you choose a good quality plastic frame. Not only will it keep your glasses going, but they’ll also be lighter. Today, most plastic frames are made from hypoallergenic plastic, making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

Polarized lenses

Another important thing to consider when selecting sunglasses is whether the lenses are polarized or not. Polarized lenses are generally a little more expensive, but this is a great investment because they reduce the glare effects of reflective surfaces such as sand, water or snow. So it’s also a very good investment for the health of your eyes.

Choosing a good UVA/UVB protection index

Most of the time, we choose our holiday destinations based on the degree of sunlight, but by increasing our exposure to harmful UV and UVB rays, we must think about protecting our eyes well. It is therefore recommended to choose lenses with an index of at least 3 (leaving only 8% to 18% of UV rays) as they are best for everyday use. The UV assessment system is rated from 0 (allowing about 80% to 100% UV rays to pass) to 4 (allowing about 3% to 4% UV light to pass).

Thinking about foldable frames

If you’re tired of damaging lenses, folding frames can be a game-changer when it comes to sunglasses. Many well-known brands produce models that fit easily into a shirt or backpack pouch. 

With folding sunglasses, there’s no need to sacrifice style for practical reasons. On the other hand, you sometimes have to look for men’s frames, but let’s be honest, you don’t need to be athletic or masculine to enjoy all the advantages that folding sunglasses have to offer.

Why Royale is the traveler’s best choice?    

Video Recording Glasses - Royale

Here are the reasons why Royale is the best camera glasses one should look for. 

The Royale ultra HD video camera sunglasses are equipped with advanced technology and are the best video sunglasses available in the market. This Royale camera sunglasses have become more popular in the market with its unique features such as water-resistant,  slim design, high durability lightweight, etc. It will be a great traveling companion for you. With a single touch, you can record the videos and pictures with crystal clear clarity. It has an inbuilt microphone feature to record the sounds, and polarized lenses will protect you from harmful UV rays. 


  • Autofocus and white balancing video stabilization, and high-quality images. 
  • 16GB inbuilt memory storage capacity
  • A simple touch to record videos and to capture images 
  • Polarized UV 400 lenses
  • Water-resistant 
  • Unisex design 
  • Simple data transfer with a cable.



So now we have come to the end of this blog. We have to go along with the growing technology and choosing the video camera sunglasses over regular sunglasses will give you a great experience. Go and grab the advanced camera inbuilt sunglasses to make your trip an everlasting memory. Check out here the best Royale video camera sunglasses here.                                      


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