Top 10 tips to shop smart this Black Friday

Black Friday

It is that time of the year again, the biggest shopping season is here. It is hard to believe that it’s already November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner especially the way this year has gone by. Everything in 2020 has been different and Black Friday will be different too. Black Friday is just the day after Thanksgiving. This year it’s on November 27….

Ideas to celebrate this Halloween in safe, fun, and unexpected ways!

Ideas to celebrate this Halloween in safe, fun, and unexpected ways!

We are aware that Halloween 2020 is just around the corner, but just like so many other special occasions and events, the 2020 edition of the spookiest day of the year will have to look a little different for obvious reasons–the coronavirus pandemic. Most traditional Halloween activities pose a high risk for contracting COVID-19 because…

This HD Action Camera That Focuses on You and Your Adventures

Hd 4k action camera

Have you ever thought about shooting the world from your perspective? In-camera terms of course! While jumping from the highest peak into an ocean filled with corals or while surfing along the waves? We at GoVison have designed the Director HD action camera for this very purpose. This camera is one of a kind with…

All hail the 4th of July: Celebrate freedom, family and fun

4th of july

The 4th of July is often an exciting day of the summer for us all. We often have friends and families coming together for a bunch of delicious food, fun outdoor activities, and, of course, to celebrate our country’s independence. But as we are all aware, this year, due to COVID-19 and the norms of…

This World Music Day Enhance Your Audio Experience with Vibez Best Bone Conduction Headphones

best Bone Conduction headphones

There’s nothing like the sound of your favorite song ringing in your ears, your emotions know no bound especially when the music gets to you and you can’t help but move and groove to the beat. We, at Govision know what it’s like getting lost in the magical land of music where you can languish…

This Summer : Treat Your Eyes and Ears with Our Audio Sunglasses

Audio Sunglasses with Speakers

It’s just another regular summer day and you are walking to your workplace. The sun is in your eye and you quickly reach out for your sunglasses in your bag. Meanwhile, you also want to listen to music to make your walk a lot more interesting but you don’t seem to find your earphones. We…

Positive Vibez: A Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones to Bring Music to Your Ears

Bluetooth Bone conduction headphones

It’s time for your early-morning jog in the neighborhood and you’re pumped about your playlist that will be your perfect workout buddy. But your earphones give you trouble. With every step you take they fall off the ears eventually leading you to presume your workout without music. That’s just frustrating! What if you can experience…

This Recording glasses with Bluetooth Speakers is Treat for The Eyes and Ears

Recording Glasses

Recording events in secret is a very satisfying experience in itself. The big question is ‘how is that possible’? While you’re contemplating that, we’ll break it down for you– recording glasses! They are good spy gears and are used the world over to record top-secret events that are otherwise inaccessible to the public eye. These…

Smart Sunglasses: This summer, protect your eyes while also soothing your ears!

smart sunglasses

Smart Sunglasses- Have you been looking for an upgrade from a smartwatch? What could possibly make it easier for you to answer a call or listen to music or ask Siri for the weather update in your city? Look no further! GoVision Kaleo Smart Sunglasses with Bluetooth speakers are just what you need. These smart…

Here’s why GoVision’s Video Camera Sunglasses Should be on Your Purchase List this Summer


Do you happen to have a fear of missing out (FOMO) because you are on camera-duty at almost every event? Did you just miss watching your son score a goal because you had trouble trying to switch your camera on? Or missed watching your baby girl blow the candle because cam-recorder stopped recording and the…