Black Friday

Top 10 tips to shop smart this Black Friday

It is that time of the year again, the biggest shopping season is here. It is hard to believe that it’s already November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner especially the way this year has gone by. Everything in 2020 has been different and Black Friday will be different too. Black Friday is just the day after Thanksgiving. This year it’s on November 27. No doubt Black Friday has changed over the years but this time it’s going to be more different. This year it’s going to change radically.  

 In 2019, Americans spent huge on Black Friday. About 40% of them did online shopping which amounts to about 93 million online shopping. Unlike every year there won’t be throngs of people queuing up at the stores and the reason, as we all know is COVID19. The focus on online shopping is bigger than ever.   

Black Friday 2020 is going to be a turning point for shoppers. While there’s still a lot up in the air and people still have questions like, will there be black Friday this year? Will people be allowed for in-store shopping? Merchants are already rolling out pre–Black Friday sales or early Black Friday sales.  

Whether you plan to step out for in-store shopping or choose for online shopping, here are the top tips to keep sane amidst all the marketing madness and shop smart: 

Social Distancing is the key 

Do you also feel “Social Distancing is the most used word of the year? We all do. It’s hard to imagine in-store shopping this year when huge retail giants like Walmart, Target, etc. have chosen to keep their doors shut. But yes, some of you would still bank on going to stores for shopping. When shopping in stores, it’s just to follow the social distancing norm and all the guidelines enforced by the stores to fight the spread of COVID. Always wear masks in public and keep away from people on the way to and from shops.   

Shop online

COVID19 has changed every aspect of life and shopping is no exception. Even if the stores hold promotional events for shopping, it is very risky to step out for shopping. It is highly recommended to stay indoors, sit comfortably on your couch, and enjoy your online shopping this year. Also, not to forget that it is the responsibility of every individual to adhere to all the COVID preventive measures to curb the spread of the virus, for yourself, and for the community on the whole.  

Get social  

Start following the social media pages of your favorite retailers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, subscribe to their email newsletters to get early updates on upcoming deals. Brands often give exclusive access to their database this way. You can make sure you order well in advance and not miss out on your favorite items.   

Start shopping early 

Experts believe starting your shopping early will be a good strategy to follow this season, not only because hot deals kick start way too early but also because the bestselling products are fast selling and may take some time to arrive at your doorstep.  

Have a list 

Before you start shopping, be strategic, and make a list of must-buys during Black Friday sales. Focus on buying essentials first before you spring for non-essentials and include Christmas gifts or occasional gifts you wanted to buy for your dear ones. As you know, you can also create a wish list you would wish to buy at discount well in advance. When the sale is launched, you can straight away go to your wish list and buy the items at discount.  Stick to your list and be a smart shopper.  

Check store policies 

Familiarize yourself with the policies of stores as well as their price matching policies to avoid unpleasant surprises from a purchase on Black Friday. Check the store’s return policy to see if you will be charged a restocking fee or other penalty for returned items purchased during Black Friday promotions.  

Be wary of scams 

Most importantly, whether you shop online or in-store, it’s advisable to watch out for scams and identity theft during the shopping season. Be wary of the questionable websites, phishing emails from unknown senders, scammers looking out for your gift cards. Take steps to save yourself from online scams and clickbait listings. Make sure you do payments only on the secured websites, the web address should always begin with “HTTPS://’; the ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’.  

Have a budget and stick to it 

This may sound easy but Black Friday Sales are designed in order to get you on the shopping spree even if you were not intending to buy something. It’s natural to get carried away with excitement and fall for impulsive shopping. Plan ahead of time how much you want to spend during Black Friday sales. When you are not sure of how good a deal is, resist buying it.   

Watch out for interest-free promotions by store credit cards especially if you are not sure to pay off the balance by the time the promotional period ends. Be smart and don’t get stuck paying interest on the full amount of purchase.    

Loyalty Programs 

Some stores offer loyalty and rewards programs to existing customers. These customers have early access to special coupons, discounts, points, or freebies. You can sign up for Black Friday alerts and make the best of loyalty programs. 

Compare deals 

Before you buy something, do your research as some stores might offer better deals than the others. Look out for free shipping and promo codes. Go through each retailer’s shopping site and ensure to buy from the one that fits your budget. It’s certain that not everything that retailers offer is real deals, some of them are trying to do the clearance of surplus stock. Sometimes you have to take the offers with a grain of salt. This year GoVision USA has launched a mega sales offering 70% off on Camera Sunglasses and accessories for Black Friday. Comparing the deals before buying helps you to maximize your Black Friday savings.  






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