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Smart Sunglasses: This summer, protect your eyes while also soothing your ears!

Smart Sunglasses- Have you been looking for an upgrade from a smartwatch? What could possibly make it easier for you to answer a call or listen to music or ask Siri for the weather update in your city?

Look no further! GoVision Kaleo Smart Sunglasses with Bluetooth speakers are just what you need. These smart sunglasses eliminate the need for earphones or wireless air pods while simultaneously protecting your eyes with a GoVision classic- polarized lenses.

How does the Kaleo Smart Sunglasses work?

GoVision Smart Sunglasses are powered by a 150maH rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They can be easily recharged using a USB connection or an optional external charger.

The added element of a Bluetooth (v 4.2) speaker makes this a must-have accessory for all your outdoor expeditions. Be it fun time around a campfire with friends or a road trip you can have music ringing in your ears even when your phone is placed at a distance. Incredible right? It functions efficiently for about 30-40 feet around your phone. This makes it compatible with both iOS and Android phones, basically for everyone.

What are its features?

The Kaleo Classic presented by GoVision is a re-invention of modern sunglasses. Not only do they provide the ultimate protection for your eyes from harmful rays of the sun. Kaleo’s unisex smart glasses also look fashionable and trendy and can be worn with both your formal and casual attire. Want to look uber cool, time to sport the GoVision Kaleo Smart Sunglasses.

With its UV 400 polarized lens technology, it provides an unparalleled clarity, color and contrast all the while protecting your eyes and providing you with the maximum comfort. It’s made of TAC polarized lenses that provide 100% Ultra-Violet protection. However, the frame is industry standard which means that the lenses can be easily customized for you using a prescription from your ophthalmologist.

It’s a casual workday, you’re waiting out the queue to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks on your way to a client meeting. Someone taps you on your shoulder, you turn around and remove your earphones. It’s an old friend who tells you she’s been screaming your name from halfway down the street and had to chase after you to get your attention. Imagine the number of opportunities-be it personal or professional, you might have missed out on as a result of shutting yourself out from the rest of the world while using your earphones.

What makes Kaleo the best Smart Sunglasses?

The most important feature of these smart glasses is that the open-ear Bluetooth speaker design enables you to remain connected to the present without blocking your ears from the world altogether. As you listen to your favorite music on this incredibly effective speaker system, you can also respond to a cry for help from whimpering puppy around the corner as you go about your hectic day.

In addition, these smart sunglasses provide the first hands-free calling and answering using their in-built microphone. Thanks to the HD configuration, the quality of the call isn’t compromised. If you’re out walking your dogs and desperately need to check on your children back at home, all you need to do is say ‘hello Siri, call home’ without having to worry about your dogs getting free only to chase a moving car passing by you. As mentioned earlier, it works exactly the same way with google assistant. Kaleo’s smart sunglasses will come to your rescue.

Whether you’re out on your morning run or vacationing on an island, more often than not, it’s likely you will lose your way or you will find yourself in need of some directional guidance. At such times you can count on the GoVision smart glasses to provide you handsfree GPS instructions right in your ear.

Are you wondering how long the battery will last? Typically, with continuous use it will give you about 2 hours, that’s how long your favorite playlist on iTunes or Spotify can keep you company- long enough to engage you on your morning jog or carry out everyday tasks like shopping at the supermarket. Otherwise, it’s the battery can last up to 4 hours.

Need traffic updates on the road ahead? Kaleo’s smart sunglasses are happy to provide you alternate routes and estimated time of arrival without having to reach out for your phone or your watch.

Planning a hiking trip for which you need weather updates? Again, use the smart sunglasses to have your answers within minutes, without having to look for them.

What about sweat or water you ask? Can water damage the sunglasses altogether? Great question! The smart sunglasses were designed keeping these factors in mind. They are manufactured to be lightweight, durable, and resistant to both sweat and water. There’s truly nothing stopping you from relaxing on a beach chair- listening to your favorite band in addition to the waves crashing on the shore, without breaking a sweat over damaging your new smart sunglasses. Plan your next hike to that waterfall you’ve been wanting to visit and indulge in a beautiful and thorough experience hands-free, to the symphony of the waterfalling and your favorite song in your ears.

In addition to being the perfect accessory to add to your everyday life, GoVision Kaleo Smart Sunglasses with Bluetooth speaker is a thoughtful gift for all your friends and loved ones who are looking for endless digital information at their ear-tips!

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