Govision’s Two Best Selling Smart glasses – The Ultimate Guide

GoVision is one of the leading brands of camera sunglasses and Smart Sunglasses. Just as how the big shots are racing to offer sunglasses built with mind-blowing technologies, we also strive to be in the same space but, at affordable rates. We have produced some benchmarking products which have gained success and name online. And clearly, this write-up is to educate our users of the differences between the two most bestselling products by GoVision: Kaleo, the smart sunglasses with speakers, and SOL, the HD video recording sunglasses with Bluetooth speakers.    

Starting with the basics,  

As you might have easily understood that Kaleo is a sunglass with only Bluetooth speaker in-built whereas, SOL is a smart glasses with Bluetooth speaker and camera built-in. Both the smart sunglasses have been creating a buzz and are most preferred by our customers. But there exist some advanced features in both the camera glasses which has helped them gain traction.   

1. Packaging and presentation  

Right off the bat, the packaging and presentation done by GoVision are eye-catchy. We believe in presenting our customers with products which make them feel good and positive right from the first second of delivery. Hence, we have very carefully curated our packaging design and presentation. The package is in short, a delight to the eyes.  

Bluetooth Sunglasses

2. Lens  

The lenses of Kaleo and SOL, the HD glasses, are polarized and has UV 400 rating. The lens gives you a premium and luxurious feel. Once you wear Bluetooth glasses, you could not resist giving us a 10/10 rating. However, the lens of Kaleo is not replaceable. The sunglass with speakers is fitted with a black lens wherein, SOL, the video recording sports sunglasses with Bluetooth speakers has lenses available in different shades. You can buy the shades online and replace the already existing ones if you like. And don’t worry, these lenses are also available at an affordable price of only $24.95.   

3. Frame style  

The frames of Kaleo and SOL, the smart glasses, are sturdy in nature and are a great fit. However, Kaleo has a wayfarer shaped frame while SOL has a sporty shaped frame. The frames are lightweight, and you feel comfortable wearing them. Irrespective of the technology built-in, SOL does not feel thick and is as slim as the rest of the smart glasses by GoVision.   

Bluetooth Sunglasses
Kaleo and SOL Smart Glasses

4. Sweat and water resistance  

Smart sunglasses are comfortable and rugged in nature. Kaleo, the smart sunglass with speakers is sweat and water-resistant as it is mostly worn by customers during heavy workout or exercise sessions. Whereas SOL, the video recording sunglass with Bluetooth speakers is not sweat or water-resistant. However, we guarantee that both sunglasses can withstand extreme conditions.   

5. Operations  

Kaleo and SOL can be easily operated with a single click. The buttons provided at the sides are easy to operate. The sunglass enables you to call, answer and text hands-free. You can integrate the sunglasses with Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Alexa. Also, the sunglass enables you to speak for directions, weather updates and traffic updates while listening to music.   


6. Battery life  

Kaleo, the smart glasses with speakers provides battery life up to 2 hours wherein, SOL, the video recording sunglasses with Bluetooth speakers, provides battery life up to 3 hours. We have given SOL a higher battery backup because the sunglass is enabled with a camera, too. For multiple operations to perform together, higher battery life is given to add as an advantage for SOL, unlike Kaleo.   

7. Open ear design  

Kaleo and SOL enable you to listen to music while you are aware of your surroundings. This feature is known as an open ear design. The design provides you with the flexibility to listen to the surrounding noise while listening to music during your workouts or outings. The open ear design does not make your ears pain and the lightweight technology adds up to the technology of open ear sunglasses.   

8. Camera  

We know that Kaleo, the Bluetooth sunglasses, do not have a camera while SOL, the wireless camera sunglasses, is enabled with a camera. And the camera helps in HD recording at 1080p at 30 frames per second. The camera provides a 63-degree angle of view and captures images at 15MP. Even though Kaleo has no camera, we believe in keeping some things specific to its domain!  


9. USB  

A very minute point to be noted however, it makes a great sense. Kaleo, the smart sunglasses with speakers, has a 5-pin USB cable support while SOL, the wireless camera sunglass, has an 8-pin USB cable support.   

We have listed all the important and eye-catchy points above which are trending in every technology evangelists’ list. These smart sunglasses are on the wish list of every adventurer who loves to travel, capture and listen to music. We have tried to keep the design and functionality as simple as possible.   

And if you really liked reading about both of our products, then give us a high-five or visit the products to make them your own!  


Product NameKaleo Smart Sunglasses with SpeakersSOL Video Recording Sunglasses with Bluetooth Speaker
Shades Not AvailableAvailable
Frame StyleWayfarerSporty & Sturdy
Battery LifeUp to 2hrsUp to 3hrs
USB 5 Pin8 Pin
Price $49$129.9


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