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Best Noise Cancelling Bone Conduction Headphones For 2020 [Updated]

Noise Cancelling Bone conduction headphones and its unique technique has been taking over the world now. It is unimaginable to listen to music through the vibrations in our bones and not direct contact with our ears. It sure does sound new but, this process claims to be an advancement to the technology.  

Things to Consider Before Buying Bone Conduction Headphones,

  • Design and comfort 
  • Durability 
  • Wireless or wired 
  • Sound quality 
  • Sound leakage 

The entire objective to invent bone conduction headphones is to shut down the noise around while listening to music, without hurting or pressurizing your ears. And there are certain great players who are providing a great deal with their bone conduction headphones. 

What is Bone Conduction Technology?

The classical auditory system begins with the ear being divided into three parts: external, medium and inner. The outer ear is composed of the auricle whose function is to collect the sounds to convey them into the ear canal. The middle ear, on the other hand, amplifies the sound by about 20 times and conveys it to the inner ear. The sound waves hit the eardrum and vibrate it. The vibrations then arrive at the chain of ossicles, consisting of hammer, anvil, and bracket. The conversion into nerve impulses of the vibrations of sound takes place in the inner ear, thanks to the cochlea.

With bone conduction, the perception of sound takes place differently as the vibration will bypass the eardrum to get directly to the average ear canal, and then reach the snail, the innermost part of the ear. Next, the sound will be directly transformed into a nervous impulse. A completely different system leads to several advantages since it allows, for example, to be able to continue to perceive external sounds, which, on the other hand, impossible when using classic headphones.

How Does Bone Conduction Technology Work?

The operation of bone-conducting technology is very simple in its complexity. Bone conduction is based on the principle that even the bones of the skull allow conducting sound. A person can hear his voice in this way. However, as the bones of the skull transmit at low frequencies, one tends to perceive one’s voice more faint than the actual volume. Here’s why when you record your voice it appears at a higher volume than it might seem.

Bone conduction then exploits the peculiarity of facial bones to transmit vibrations. Headphones and earbuds that use this technology normally have a headband that attaches behind the head to make them stable when worn. At the ends, a kind of plaque is positioned between the jaw and jaw. This precise position is used to ensure that the vibration is actually transmitted correctly within the auditory system.

As mentioned, the use of this technology leads to some advantages. In addition to the possibility of being able to continue to feel what is going on all around, this technology also allows you to preserve from any injury the eardrum in the case of using traditional headphones with too high volume.

Important safety and health benefits that traditional headphones can’t offer except in some sophisticated and particularly expensive models. On the other, according to some, this technology would not allow enjoying a high-quality sound that would be lower than that of the classic earbuds because the bone conduction does not take advantage of the effect of the soundbox of the ear External.

A technology that allows you to create even simpler and lighter earbuds to use to listen to music, even while doing sports or to manage calls.

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Harmful To Health?

You might think they have less risk than traditional headphones or earbuds because they don’t pressure the eardrum. In reality, however, the damage to the eardrum is only one of the effects produced by constant exposure to loud sounds; nervous ear receptors are also at risk of damage so even using these headphones, you should always listen to music at a not-too-high volume.

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Comfortable Outdoors?

From a practical point of view, these headphones don’t deviate much from similar types of sports earbuds. The volume buttons are a little hard to reach by staying behind your ear while you’re wearing them. There may also be some problems for those who wear glasses or have thick, long hair because the brackets and metal headband that hold the earbuds pressed on the head pass behind the nape of the neck and over the ear pavilions.

Sound Quality Of Bone Conduction Headphones

The first impact with these headphones leaves you stunned: when running, you immediately feel a slight vibration on the temples, but after a few minutes it is no longer noticeable. As for the sound quality, the bass is off, very attenuated and the dynamics are greatly compressed. By increasing the volume, the sound quality improves to discrete levels. At high volume, in fact, the sound coming from the headphones easily outstrips the ambient sound as in any other type of headset.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Running and Cycling

1. Govision Vibez

This is the newest technology of Noise Cancelling bone conduction headphones. Launched very recently, the headphones are unbelievable lightweight, comfortable, have a rugged design and a very clever alternative to traditional earphones and earbuds. It delivers rich sound with Bluetooth 5.0, ranging up to 10m, 6 hours playtime, and better sound quality. Vibez is sweat and waterproof with multiple colors available. It has a 260mAh lithium battery with a standby capability of 8 days. The charging time is only 2 hours while the talking time is 5 hours. It is compatible with all devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones. It supports both Android and iOS users. Noise Cancelling Bone Conduction Headphones

2. Aftershokz Trekz Air 

This is a leading brand of bone conduction headphones. In fact, they were the first to work with the US military to design behind-the-ear headsets. This helped the soldiers to remain aware of all sounds around while being able to transmit wirelessly. It has an open ear design and is 20% lighter than the other headphone brands. Provides 6 hours of playtime with the ability to pair with multiple devices and Android, iOS smartphones. It is sweat, dust, and moisture-proof with premium pitch technology. It is in-built with Bluetooth 4.2.  

The only drawback this brand has is its price. It is quite expensive.

Noise Cancelling Bone Conduction Headphones3. Genso’s  

It would be very frustrating if your battery falls when you are working out. But with Genso, you don’t really have to worry about the battery life as this bone conduction headphone has 200mAh lithium battery. The standby time is 10 days whereas the playtime is 10 hours. It is water and sweat proof with ergonomic anti-slip design. It has Bluetooth V5 and a rugged design.  

The only drawback this bone conduction headphone has is the quality of sound. If it had supported better, nothing could have beat this brand and the product.  

Noise Cancelling Bone Conduction Headphones

4. Vidonn F1 Titanium 

If you are a workout enthusiast and need a headphone that can stay firm while doing any activity, this noise-canceling bone conduction headphone is the best for you. It has an ergonomic design and an anti-drop feature. The wraparounds are made of Titanium and can hold stiff. It has 180mAh lithium battery for a better life and CVC noise-canceling for voice calls.  

The only drawback this product holds is a comfort. While it is very comfortable for a few, it is said to be uncomfortable for few. Probably, providing better comfort could have leveraged the product.  

Noise Cancelling Bone Conduction Headphones

5. SIUSUMFO Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphone 

When you work out, sweat is a big problem. The damage the headphones go through while sweating is sometimes drastic and can be a disappointment. However, this bone conduction headphone is sweat and waterproof and is very lightweight, weighing only 35g. The battery life is about 4 hours and has Hi-Fi stereo sound with modern Bluetooth 5.0 technology for faster pairing and file transfer.  

The only drawback users have reported is technical support. When needed the support is limited and the manual is hard to decipher.  

Noise Cancelling Bone Conduction Headphones


The above-mentioned list of bone conduction headphones has been ruling the market. With multiple technological advancements in their models, these brands are creating a buzz. If you are a true lover of headphones and love carrying them along, and still using the traditional headphones, then it’s time to upgrade your headphones.  

With time, not only the headphones are becoming wireless in fact, they are taking a different route to push the music into our ears. Noise Cancelling bone conduction headphones give us the flexibility to be aware of the surroundings while being able to listen to music. These models can be used harshly and would still be your savior when it comes to listening to music.  

Should you buy bone conduction headphones?

Given the cost ($119.95 for Vibez), the audio quality is excellent and that the benefits declared by the manufacturer are relevant than you would expect. For those who don’t want to give up the music while doing outdoor sports, these headphones might be fine. For everyone else, better a pair of traditional headphones or earbuds. You can also buy Vibez – Bone Conduction Headphones on Amazon also.

If this write-up excites you, then go upgrade your headphones today. You are the best judge as per your comfort and compatibility; therefore, you need to find the best one. These headphones are pretty pocket-friendly so, that is not a concern.  

Give us a high-five or comment below if you like the products which are freshly listed! 

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