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Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Micro SD Card Installation

  • Please make sure the Micro SD Card is properly inserted into the camera’s micro SD Card slot before trying to power on the camera.
  • The Director will not work without a proper SD Card.

Battery Installation 

  • Release the battery cover by pushing the battery cover release button towards the lens of the camera.
  • Properly align the batteries positive and negative metal electrodes with the cameras 3 prong base.
  • Push down on the battery until the battery snaps into place, The battery’s pull tap will be push against the front side of the camera after proper installation.
  • Reattached the battery cover to the camera by inserting the battery cover with the plastic fastening prong facing away from the battery release button.
  • Make sure the prong is fitted correctly into the camera before pressing down on the battery cover to lock into place.

Battery charging 

  • The director can be charged directly from your personal computer by plugging the USB Cord directly into the USB Port.
  • Please make sure the power cord is properly inserted into the Director’s DC5V USB port jack on the camera.
  • During charging, the red light indicator will remain on until the battery is fully charged.
  • The red indicator will shut off when fully charged.


  • When Director is set to Dash Cam mode, the camera will automatically start recording when powering the camera via your PC, car and wall adaptor. Please make sure you stop recording to save on memory space if you are finished recording.
  • The Director can also record video and take pictured while charging. Please make sure you power down after connecting.

Easy One Button Control

  • Powering the unit On/Off
  • Press and hold the Power/Mode button till the green light indicator turns on.
  • Release the button once the green light indicator turns on and the Director is ready for action.
  • To power off the Director, press and hold the Power/Mode Button for about 3 seconds and the unit will turn off.


Frequently Asked Questions