Audio Sunglasses with Speakers

This Summer : Treat Your Eyes and Ears with Our Audio Sunglasses

It’s just another regular summer day and you are walking to your workplace. The sun is in your eye and you quickly reach out for your sunglasses in your bag. Meanwhile, you also want to listen to music to make your walk a lot more interesting but you don’t seem to find your earphones. We at Govision thought this through on your behalf and have designed for you the Kaleo Plus audio sunglasses with a speaker and microphone. Our audio sunglasses are great and comfy for your eyes and ears. It is your perfect companion on the go or at work. A pair of sunglasses is something you or any of us would never leave behind amidst our regular carry-ons right?  Our audio sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the heat but also treat your ears to functionalities like answering calls and playing music—in style, we must add!

Take and place calls, ears-free, and hands-free

Audio Sunglasses

Can you imagine having to answer your boss’ call when you’re jogging or driving because if you didn’t it calls for trouble? You can now answer calls hands-free; you only need your hands to hit the answer button placed on your super cool audio sunglass. They are comfortable through extended periods without pinching the nose or ears. The glasses sound amazingly good for what they are. Use touch control to conveniently take and place your phone calls –without occluding your ears. The music is directed straight to your ears through small speaker grilles, while a canceling sound is projected out into the world. So, people standing right next to you won’t hear a thing. There is also a built-in microphone that serves the purpose of communicating clearly while answering or placing calls. The sunglass speakers are connected to the HD microphone thereby offering high-quality audio.

Stylish and designed for comfort and convenience

Smart Glasses

Man, woman, old or young Kaleo’s audio sunglasses are designed to provide comfort regardless of gender or age. Our audio sunglasses look like glasses but it sounds like wow. The sunglasses are structured to play your music with crystal clear and vivid audio. Make your daily life sound as good as never before. Our frames have been designed to look like regular unisex sunglasses. Granted, the arms are a bit thicker and wider near the ears, where traditional sunglasses would taper, and there’s a small button for turning on and controlling music. The glasses complement different attires for different occasions so you can wear them when you’re not listening to music. Our audio sunglasses are lightweight and can fold up just like any regular set.

Control your voice assistant with our audio sunglasses

In case you’re trekking up in the mountains and are lost, our audio sunglasses work with almost all voice assistants such as Google Assistant via the integrated microphones. The microphone helps you connect with google assistant for directions, weather, and traffic updates. Our audio sunglasses pick up the owner’s voice clearly and carry out instructions with precision. We should warn you though: with no earbuds, people around you might just think you’re talking to yourself. Whether its Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant, you can control your voice assistants without any effort. You can even connect to your favorite music stations like Pandora, Itunes, Spotify, and more.

Listen here and there 

We have an open ear speaker system that allows you to listen to your favorite music while being attentive to everything around you. Listen to the birds chirping while running and simultaneously enjoy the crystal-clear music from your Smart sunglasses. You can even meditate with music or meditation apps without sealing off your ears from your natural surroundings. Best of both worlds don’t you think?

Lenses and frames 

Our audio sunglasses are equipped with a UV 400 polarized lens for great color, clarity, and contrast. The Polarized Max Lens Coating Technology increases visual comfort when your eyes are constantly challenged by glares. While Our smart sunglasses come with standard filter lenses and tinted lenses, your optician or optometrist can retrofit whichever lenses you want into your smart glasses. So, yes, our glasses are ready to fit any prescription or tinted lenses to your convenience. The frame’s arms are slightly bulky, the sunglasses don’t feel heavy on your head and are comfortable to wear. It is lightweight and made for the long haul no doubt. It is made flexible with a healthy proportion of durability to last you a couple of years. With the streamlined design, we believe these glasses will look good on you!

Resist the sweat and water

Kaleo audio sunglasses can withstand extreme weather conditions and sweat. No, submerging the same in the water won’t work. These audio sunglasses can withstand sweat and works as a complementary accessory for your morning jog or evening outdoor workout.

All charged up

With an in-built 150mAh battery made of rechargeable lithium-ion polymer and can be charged via USB connection or optional external charger– you get over two hours of continuous listening out before the battery runs dry, which is normally enough. Charging is fair and a proprietary USB cable connects to the inside of the right arm.

We think that our audio sunglasses are the first smart glasses that are worth it, especially if you’re the type of person who is constantly on the go and loves listening to music or podcasts. Obviously, you could just wear regular sunglasses and headphones together, but that’s just going to cost you double. Since these audio sunglasses don’t rely on an earbud or earpad that goes in or over your ear, the audio has a wider soundstage. While they’re sunglasses that look like very normal to you, they are an effective replacement to your wireless headphones. Moreover, we believe we have hit the nail on the heading on providing the best Smart sunglasses by taking into consideration aspects like materials, lens type, overall design, and sound signature.

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