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Are Wireless Bone conduction headphones really not harmful?

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Unlike conventional headphones that send a sound wave into the ear canal, a device with bone conduction technology broadcasts sounds through the bones through vibration. Simply because the sound in a narrow sense is a sound wave, and in any other way it cannot be delivered to the inner ear.

I’ll be clear. A sound wave is a physical disturbance in the form of vibrations of atoms of matter. It does not matter what substance: air, water, concrete wall, or skull bones. A sound wave can go a long way before reaching the ear, snuck through fluids and hard bodies.

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphone
Vibez-Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

That is, from a physical point of view, there is no difference whether fluctuations in rarefied air atoms or in the dense environment of the diamond crystal are transmitted. There is a similar phenomenon called “sound wave” and no “vibrations” can be opposed to it.

Sound passes faster through solid bodies than through the air.

It would be more correct to compare the wave itself with vibration or oscillation, but it is only a matter of terms. To sum up: the sound wave passes to the inner ear through the air in the ear canal and solid bodies through the eardrum and bones of the middle ear.

Bone conduction is a simplified “delivery” of sound to the snail through the cheekbones. These bones are less sensitive than, for example, an anvil and stirrup (middle ear bones), and therefore, the sound “received” thanks to bone conduction technology, is not so distinct and clear.

Confusion with “vibration” arises, because in headphones with bone conduction technology at low frequencies clearly feel physical fluctuations.

As we know weak electromagnetic fields are almost harmless to the body and are present in all types of headphones.

Is Bone-conduction technology harmful?

When it comes to health hazards, medical researchers know that it is impossible to prove that the phenomenon is harmless, it is impossible to prove that it causes harm.

We know that bone conduction technology came to the consumer segment from medicine (the military first borrowed it). In a broad sense, nothing has changed since the beginning of the 20th century — Bone conduction technology is successfully used as a hearing aid for people with inductive deafness or hearing loss.

GoVision Vibez, a Bone Conduction Headphone is one of its kind, designed to keep you aware of the surroundings even while you are listening to music.

These headphones are unbelievably lightweight and very comfortable. A clever alternative to traditional earphones and earbuds, Vibez uses bone-conduction technology to deliver rich sounds through your cheekbones thus, freeing your ears and opening up your world.

Baha has more than a hundred thousand patients who currently carry bone implants. Among the side effects of surgery and the subsequent use of devices with bone conductivity are, skin irritation, and hematoma due to sloppy integration.

Secondly, devices with bone conductivity technology are prescribed not only to people with chronic inductive hearing loss but also as a temporary measure when hearing loss from infections. That is, even people with “whole” ears wear such devices during middle ear disease, and on recovery return to the usual way of perception of sound. They also do not have any hearing impairments.

Hearing aids with bone conduction technology are prescribed and implanted to children as successfully as adults — and we know that children’s hearing is much more sensitive than the “strengthened” hearing of adults. Only patients with Down syndrome (not only children) and babies whose skull thickness has not yet reached 2.5 mm are not allowed to the implant.

Physically bone and “ear” sound conductivity are not different. In Wireless bone conduction headphones, sound waves pass through the skull bones in the same way as when it is broadcast through the bones of the middle ear.

Hearing aids with bone conductivity technology is successfully used to help people with inner ear disorders and hearing impairments have been detected to date.

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