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GoVision is a brand of HD video recording devices specifically designed to capture special moments more conveniently. Capture those special events in real time and “hands-free” whether it’s doing extreme sports, watching a concert, listening to a speech or simply walking in the park. See it. Record it and Share it.

GoVision’s entry into the market with its flagship products is a compelling venture. It brought the HD video recording sunglasses a competitive rank with a definitely affordable price. See it. The company developed a line of high definition glasses that are totally accessible to the general public, now, video recording comes in sturdy packages and reasonable price. Each and every unit is stylish and equipped with the latest technology features like the camera sensor, audio enhancements, and the connectivity.

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HD Video Recording Sunglasses

The brand’s HD Video recording sunglasses have the CMOS camera sensor that can capture the details and have the output of quality videos and photos with image stabilization. Record it. These units can be used with the greatest of ease. The one-touch action makes you start and stop recording. With the data cable that comes with the sunglasses, you can immediately transfer videos and photos to your computer.

GoVision has this simple approach on the sunglasses HD video with the design making it cool and the hands-free feature lets you capture spontaneous actions. You can be part of any action, too while capturing something so instant. Share it. These sunglasses allow you to store all your memories in the micro SD storage card, transfer files with the USB cable, and upload it fast. Capture life in high definition as it unfolds right before your eyes!

HD Video Capture Sunglasses, Glasses with camera

Our goal is to provide you with functional and stylish eye-wear and feature-rich high 1080p video recording glasses and quality camera glasses, Govision is committed to innovating the next generation of wearable cameras as a means of enhancing the usability of how content is captured and shared as well as enriching interactive real-time communication experiences.


The 8MP camera of Royale recorded decent HD videos. I was surprised to see the stability of the video while recording hands-free. Recorded the whole road trip. It was bliss. No Mounts, Tapes, or any special setup.
John Kim