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All hail the 4th of July: Celebrate freedom, family and fun

The 4th of July is often an exciting day of the summer for us all. We often have friends and families coming together for a bunch of delicious food, fun outdoor activities, and, of course, to celebrate our country’s independence. But as we are all aware, this year, due to COVID-19 and the norms of social distancing, your 4th of July may just not look like it has in the past few years. But that should be no reason to cancel your celebration. There is a lot of fun 4th of July activities that you can do and still safely practice social distancing. And we at Govision want to support your family fun on the 4th of July by offering up to 50% discount on all our products. This Independence Day, enjoy our 4th of July MEGA sale and turn up the fun with Govision.

From planning something inexpensive like firing up the grill and baking patriotic desserts, to going all-out and planning a barbecue for our little quarantine pod. We all love to spike up a bit of an adventure on special holidays like the 4th of July no doubt, but now that it is required of us to stay at home, that can be made equally fun as well. We can tell you how! We conjured up a list of exciting things you can do this summer. Whether you want something relaxed or adventurous, this list highlights DIY ideas for some fun 4th of July activities for you and your family:-

Food Glorious Food 

4th of july celebration

The American birthday cannot be celebrated without some red, white, and blue desserts! Get that oven hot and flaming and bake yourself some patriotic dessert. You start with some of the best cupcakes, brownies, and 4th of July cakes. Make sure to have them adorned with sprinkles, fruits, the American flag, chocolates, and more. You can even get your family included in the festive decorating of the cupcakes. And if you have the patience conduct a family bake-off or even a friendly cupcake decorating competition. The winner gets an extra cupcake!

It doesn’t matter if you’re partial to extravagantly-decorated, truly star-spangled cupcakes or even a simple American classic recipe like the apple pie. These sweet bites will perfectly compliment a festive day filled with mouth-watering juicy burgers, with a course refreshing drinks to cool off.

Binge-watch movies

Watching Patriotic Movies on this Independence day

After deciding and setting up the perfect menu for the 4th of July, you need a good 4th of July movie! But are you looking to level up your standards for a movie night? Well, this 4th of July you can by setting up a screening — and putting together some cozy seating with mattresses and cushions and blankets— right out on your lawn. That’s phase one of the movie screening. Next up is the hard part. Narrowing down the movie choices and picking out one all-American movie that’s perfect for the day. Don’t forget that whether you’re looking forward to a light and breezy rom-com or an adrenaline-pumping thriller, we have a list of movies from every genre that is patriotic and American-themed. If you’re anything like us at Govision, you’re going to want a perfect movie to watch with your family and friends. Here are a few of the many 4th of July movies that you can watch on the holiday, 1776 which is a 1972 classic, The American President, National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage, Zero Dark Thirty, Hidden Figures, Captain America and more. Or you could even binge watch a range of movies from 1975 cult classics to the latest Oscar nominees.

Camping in your backyard

4th of july camping

All of us are dreaming of having an epic summer vacation right now. While you and your family may be feeling like it’s an impossible time to get away don’t despair. It is not impossible to make the most of the current situation and have fun at home. It’s alright if you can’t hit the open road for your annual beach getaway or car camping trip, the next best option is to simply open your back door. And voilà you have your little campsite. Moreover, what is the 4th of July celebration without a campfire and some s’mores? If you can’t make it to a real campsite this year, try a little backyard camping with tents and a great cookout, of course. That’s right! Your personal campsite can be fun and a pretty easy way to experience the great outdoors without the need for packing the car and the bags and the best perk of all no one will ask, ‘Are we there yet?’ You can also cap off the night with some scary stories around the campfire. Watch out for bigfoot!

 Get your game face on

Independence day games

Do you want to make sure your 4th of July party rocks this summer? Including some simple and affordable games into your plans will break the ice among your family and friends and also ensure an unforgettable celebration. If you want to amuse your friends and family with unique games that are sure to be a hit, organize a game night. By game night we don’t really mean Xbox and Fifa unless both genders of the family are thrilled by it. But the whole idea of a game night with the whole fam-bam is something that’s fun. Game nights with healthy competitions have been proven to be serious bonding agents for families. This 4th of July ensures to leverage some of the best board games. The best part is that you can theme the games to match the holiday. try out some special patriotic games like 4th of July bingo or some water balloon fights in American colors, naming all 50 states in the USA, American football in the backyard, and more.

Jamming live

4th of july music

What’s a celebration without music? Music is a universe of its own with music for every occasion, celebration, and mood. At its core, we are all aware that the 4th of July is a day set aside for celebrating American independence — but it’s an ideal time for celebrating in general. We all get the day off work, schools are out, and the midsummer sun is shining on and more. So, get some sing-along tunes going with your favorite patriotic songs on the guitar. You can belt out songs like Party in the U.S.A’, which is a must, obviously! You can even have a karaoke night with the fam. You can tune into the classics from the nineties with Whitney Houston, or Color me America with Dolly Parton, Born in the U.S.A and the list goes on. You can have a mini dance party with Kim Wilde’s 1981 classic “Kids in America.” Nothing screams dance party like that song. The lyrics can take you back to a time and place when responsibility is scarce, nothing’s that serious, and it’s all about being young and having fun with the music cranked up loud. And yes, isn’t the 4th of July about fun?

Get crafty with the kids


There’s no shortage of fun ways to celebrate our American Independence Day. There are a ton of 4th of July activities to keep you and your family occupied this time of year. Making patriotic 4th of July crafts is something you just can’t miss. All you need is a hot glue gun, a bit of burlap, and every red, white, and blue art supply you can find to bring to life all these festive ideas. Hosting friends and family? You can do double-duty as party decor in order to help make everyone feel at home with DIY flag placemats and decorative star centerpieces. Or, if you’re planning your own at-home celebration, you can give your interiors that holiday punch with a flag pillow cover, burlap banner to for the entryway, or even go crazy with a star-adorned dish towel. Everyone loves a beautiful wreath to give your door a vintage look, while most think wreaths are only for Christmas, you can take your 4th of July décor up a notch by crafting the perfect American-colored wreath for your front door.

Crafting with kids is just another ecstatic experience for every parent. This 4th of July ensures to keep your kids occupied by taking them on a crafting spree. Stimulate their creativity with ideas like 4th of July star catchers and mini popsicle stick flags, wreaths and the list goes on. Once the crafting is complete, the baking can commence and arts and craft is just another easy holiday inspiration, you can get creative with frosting, sprinkles, and cake carving. So, what are you waiting for? Get crafty!

 Have a backyard picnic

4th of july backyard picnic

It’s obvious to spend the 4th of July and has been an ideal custom for years. While your backyard is the most exotic place this summer why not bring food and drinks to it and add to the fun? You’ll appreciate a good meal with a healthy hint of sunshine too. A good old backyard picnic is always a great way to celebrate American independence. This way you can usher in summer by relaxing with family, friends and most importantly—food! Speaking of picnic, even if it’s just family like most celebrations, multiple components build a successful picnic for everyone—there’s food, drinks, entertainment, and decorations—which are an important part of the 4th of July celebration.

For food, a neat idea would be to incorporate a sandwich bar. Layout all the cold cut ingredients, condiments, and bread. And people build the sandwich they want. This will keep your guests engaged and ensure they get the sandwich that suits them. Add the red, white, and blue toothpicks, just in case people are so caught up with the picnic that they forget why the picnic was held in the first place—American Independence. Every cake needs a cherry on top and for a picnic, it’s the dessert that caps off the perfect meal. Thankfully, there are plenty of great choices for your 4th of July party. Apple pie is an American classic and is the first choice any day. A cake multi-colored in blue white and red is also an option and how can we forget the delicious vanilla ice cream with blueberries and strawberries a perfect color and taste combo for your 4th of July celebration this year.

Sparkles all the way

4th of july Sparkles

Nothing sets the tone for the 4th of July better than sparklers. This tradition makes the American Independence Day celebration fun and easy for all ages. Do you remember how fascination you were when you were little and got to write your name with those sparklers? We’re so glad that this tradition did not stop there. Now, even smokeless sparklers that are family-friendly are available. So, if you’re unable to make it to a firework show this year all you need is some family fun with sparklers. Sparklers can make a memory last a lifetime because they make for fantastic pictures.

Sparklers a wide variety of sizes like ten-inch sparklers, twenty-inch sparklers, and 36-inch sparklers, you are sure to be able to find the right fit for your 4th of July celebration. Light up your 4th of July celebrations this year with sparklers.

See the fireworks

fireworks on 4th of july

Of course, you might still be able to enjoy some fireworks safely from your home this year — in which case, don’t forget to sit back and enjoy. A fireworks display celebrating our country and ours is like a balm to the weary soul. And we all agree that the 4th of July just wouldn’t be the 4th of July without a stunning fireworks display. This holiday has been traditionally celebrated in many ways—barbecues, boat parties, and even local events, But if you–like us–are still in search of ways to enjoy America’s big day, there are still some cities that plan to put on impressive presentations through both in-person events and streaming options.



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