GOVISION HD Video Recording Camera Glasses

GoVision is a brand of HD video recording devices specifically designed to capture special moments more conveniently. Capture those special events real time and “hands free” whether it’s doing extreme sports, watching a concert, listening to a speech or simply walking in the park. See it. Record it and Share it.



The company allows you to capture the most exciting moments with its quality video sunglasses. GoVision has a competitive line of HD sunglasses which can make recording definitely cool and hands-free. Now, you can think less about the bulky camera recorders or phones with these recording sunglasses. The brand's flagship products are built with TR90 frames, which are extremely lightweight, flexible, and durable.

The brand’s HD recording sunglasses that are built and designed to withstand activities such as running, hiking, biking, driving and playing sports. These units are lightweight, and an excellent fit for the fast-paced adventure. These items have HD camera, UV protection, and interchangeable lenses that adjust to different lighting conditions. These HD sun glasses have the ability to shoot stunning high-definition videos with a camera that speeds up to 30 frames per second. These HD capture sunglasses are enhanced with a plausible CMOS video sensor, record with these pieces that suit your needs, taste, and lifestyle.

These sunglasses are the perfect pieces of technology that can let you… SEE IT. RECORD IT. SHARE IT